Information about Cockatiels as Pets


In case you are looking for information about cockatiels as pets you should know that these are social and intelligent birds. They are best known for their yellow crests, orange cheeks, and long tail feathers. There are many different color variations available to choose from.

Information about Cockatiels as Pets

Pet Cockatiels’ Information and the Wild

Normally the cockatiels are grey so that they will blend in their surroundings. They usually travel in pairs or small flocks. It is important for them to interact with other cockatiels during the day. It is common for the birds to alert the other birds if there is any danger. Since in the wild they build their nests on tree branches, it is normal for them to try to build a nest on the top of the closet.


If you are interested in cockatiels’ information as pets you ought to know that they can live for up to 15-20 years. Since the care for these birds is more and more advanced, it is possible for them to live more than 20 years. However, if they aren’t properly cared for, they can live for only 1-5 years.

Sociable Birds

When it comes to the information about cockatiels as pets it is good to know that if you approach the bird in a non-aggressive manner, he will be really gentle. They need someone to play with them, talk to them and to touch them. You will know if the bird needs your attention.

It is interesting information about the pet cockatiels that they like to be petted and they will bend their heads for you to stroke it. They don’t bite, they are clean and more quiet compared to other parrots. While parrots can entertain themselves, this is not an option for cockatiels.


The people interested in information about cockatiels as pets should remember that cockatiels need constant stimulation. If he is unhappy or bored, he will start pulling out his own feathers, stripping himself. If you don’t stimulate him, he could get bored. In this case he will stop eating and he will die of starvation.

To stimulate your bird’s knowledge about pet cockatiels, look for toys they can shred, chew, toss, move, or pull apart. If you let the bird loose remember that he will chew everything he finds interesting.

There is a lot of available information about cockatiels as pets so make sure your research all there is to know


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