Have A Look At The Interesting Facts About Pets


Are you a pet lover? Then you are very eager to know about the interesting facts about pets, particularly the fun and strange stuff. Here are the amazing facts about them:

Interesting facts about pets – Dogs:

Interesting facts about Dogs
  • Dogs can make about 100 dissimilar facial expressions and most of the expressions are made through the ears.
  • Dogs can make about 10 vocal sounds.
  • More than 350 different dog breeds exist worldwide.
  • Dogs do not sweat by salivating, but they can only get sweating from the bottom of their feet.
  • Dogs can recognize the colors, but not the same way as we do. They can distinguish the shades of yellow, gray, blue and green. Red color indexes on a grayscale in the dog’s vision.
  • All the dogs have pink tongue except the Chow, which has black tongue.
  • Dog was among the list of the pet animals that can be domesticated by individuals.
  • Basenji, an African wolf dog is the only dog that can’t bark.
  • Dog’s nose has 4 times as many scent cells as a cat’s and 14 times when compared to a human. This is the reason for which dogs can be used for tracking the illegal drugs and missing persons.

Facts about pets – Cats:

Interesting facts about cats
  • Cats use meow sound only for humans.
  • Cats have five toes on each front paw and four toes on each back paw.
  • Cats don’t have sweat glands.
  • Cats can make about 100 vocal sounds.
  • Cats have even better memories than dogs.
  • Cat bodies are more flexible when compared to humans. Cats have more than 230 skeletal bones while humans have 206.
  • Cat’s nose pad has ridges in a unique manner not unlike a human’s fingerprints.
  • Cats can even have powerful vision during the night.
  • There are about 500 million domestic cats around the world.

Interesting facts about pets – Facinating pets

Interesting facts about pets
  • In order to survive, each bird needs to consume at least half of its weight.
  • Bird’s heart beats 400 times per minute when they are resting.
  • Pet birds such as cockatoos and macaws can live a maximum of 75 years.
  • Most Hamster birds can blink one eye at a time.
  • Birds like Iguanas can hold the breath for almost 30 minutes.
  • Ferrets are the most common pet birds in the US. About 8-10 million pets are kept as pets.
  • Humming bird is the only bird that can fly backwards.
  • Penguin birds can swim but they can’t fly.

Gold fish can survive in freezing water and it doesn’t have stomach and can live a maximum of 43 years.


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