Holiday Safety Tips for Pet Lovers


Owning a pet is akin to having a family member. People show unmatched care, love, and affection toward their pets. Just like children, pets require continuous care and attention to maintain good health. When travelling, it becomes even more important to ensure you adequately care for your pet’s health and safety. Making your pet a part of your family celebration during holidays can be fun and safe with the following simple pets safety tips.

Foods & Feeds

You would never want an upset stomach for your pet during holiday right? Ensure that you don’t give him your table leftovers at all. Rich and fatty food that we humans eat might not be easily digestible for your pet. You obviously know which all food we eat are okay for your pet but avoid high on fat food and give everything in moderation.

Holiday Safety Tips for Pet Lovers

Daily Routine

Ensure that your pet’s routine is not disturbed to a large extent. Maintaining a consistent routine for your pet as much as possible will help him stay in his best of health. Most of the pets are delicate in nature and do not easily adapt to any major change in their routine.

Safety First

Make sure you do not forget your open bottles of wine, drinks and liquor anywhere around your pet. These liquids if consumed can make your pet seriously ill and can even be life threatening for them. Same goes for your curious little kids in the house who out of their love would like to feed the pet with small portions untimely.  Giving instructions and warning them regarding the health hazards as a result of such actions would be a good idea.

When decorating for the holidays, you need to take care of your pet. Make sure to properly hide and keep all electrical cords and wires out of your pet’s reach to prevent any accidents. You never know what might tempt your curious pet to chew on them and get injured.


While installing those beautiful holiday plants like lilies, poinsettias, mistletoe, etc., you need to take care of a lot of things. These plants can be poisonous for your pet, especially if you have a cat or a dog.

If you are taking a holiday around festive occasions like Christmas, ensure your pet is out of reach from your Christmas tree. It can cause serious intestinal problems if your pet chews any branch or tinsel out of your Christmas tree.

It is just as important to be careful about your pet as you will be for the comfort of your other family members. If you are travelling, keep your pet updated with the vaccinations and necessary medications. Just a little care for your sweet little creature and you will have your best friend hale and hearty, ready to enjoy the holidays with you.

Hope these pets safety tips help you during your holiday time. For information about animals, explore a2zpetsinfo.


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