Adding the Jackpot City Birdhouse for your Garden Friends


The Jackpot City Birdhouse is a great birdhouse for your home and it will provide an excellent nesting box for one of many species of bird. Brightly colored and designed to resemble a roadhouse casino from the Wild West, it isn’t just an ideal bird home. It’s also an asset that will brighten up your garden and provide a talking point for you and your friends.

Adding the Jackpot City Birdhouse for your Garden Friends

Most bird boxes are fairly dull structures. The Jackpot City Birdhouse, however, is anything but dull. In fact, it’s one of the least dull bird boxes you’re likely to find. What you might not realize it, is that it isn’t just you and your visitors who will enjoy its bright colors, birds will too.

Of course it isn’t possible to find out how birds respond to it, but we do know that Birds have very good vision and they see colors very well. Bird vision, and especially bird color vision, is far better than that of humans. To attract birds to your backyard, create a colorful environment with their favorite colors.

The designers of the Jackpot City Birdhouse achieved precisely that. Different birds are attracted to different colors. Blue attracts jays, coal tits, blue tits, swallows, and similar species. Yellow appeals to goldfinches and warblers. Woodpeckers and nuthatches favor orange, while red and pink entice robins, sparrows, blackbirds, thrushes, swifts, and swallows.

Not all bird species will be attracted to the Birdhouse. Some birds prefer camouflage colors such as dull green, brown and grey. Those birds tend to be of a nervous temperament, so you are unlikely to find any ground feeding birds such as quail and dove making their home in it.


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