Keeping your Pets Safe during Frigid Temperatures


Extremely cold weather is very dangerous for human beings and animals alike. Freezing air can jam the lungs and make breathing difficult for a pet. Most wild animals living in frigid temperatures go into hibernation to keep themselves warm during winters.  At -47 degree Celsius, when human find it difficult to bear, how can a pet survive? We need to learn how to keep pets safe during frigid temperatures.

Here are some guidelines to protect your pets from the deadly frigid temperature:

Avoid Taking your Pet Out

Pets Safe during Frigid Temperatures

In extreme cold season never go outside with your pet. Although your pet may have thick skin as well as fur for natural protection from the cold, this is not enough to keep them safe under harsh circumstances. Don’t let your pet wonder outside over the snow. Cover the pet with warm clothing available at pet stores. Take special care of extremities like paw pads, ears and noses. When the weather outdoors is extremely cold, there is a risk of frostbite and hypothermia among pets. Therefore, keep your pets safe during frigid temperatures by making them to stay indoors.

Build a Separate Enclosure

If you don’t like your pet sleeping indoor, then you should consider building a separate enclosure for them, similar to kennels built in many western backyards. These enclosures should be large enough and have sufficient space for movement. Pets generally sleep on the floor of the pet house and a bare floor could detrimental during winter. Therefore, raise the floor by a few inches with straw to keep the floor warm. If temperatures are extreme, you could even line the inner walls with wool from old sweaters. Make sure the door of the pet house is tightly shut and well insulated to avoid gusts of cold air from entering the house.

Extra Feeds

It takes too much energy to keep the body warm during winter. Give the pet plenty of food and water. Frequently check the water and make sure it hasn’t frozen. Use plastic pots instead of metal bowls as these will keep water warmer.

Using Antifreeze

Antifreeze is a poison for animals. Pets often get attracted towards these chemicals because of their sweet taste and smell. These are not only harmful for pets, but also for small kids. Antifreeze made with Propylene glycol is less poisonous, but still harmful. During winter, rodenticides are widely used to kill rats or mice. These are also harmful and can be deadly for pets. So take care to keep such poisonous substances away from the reach of pets.

Protection from salt

When you use salt to melt snow, make sure it does not burn the paw of your pet. Do not let your pets outside until you have cleared the snow and the salt has dissolved.


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