Summer Pet care tips


Fun filled summers are the perfect to spend more time with your pets. The rising temperatures are very dangerous for your pets. As a responsible pet owner, spare a thought for your pets’ safety. A little caution and efforts during the summer months could make a world of difference for your pet. In this article, we have provided a few summer pet care tips. Read on to know more…

Help your pet keep cool

Heat is the biggest problem in the summers. The increasing temperatures can lead to dehydration for your pet.  Here are summer pet care tips for your furry friend:

Summer Pet care tips

Dog/ Cat:

  • Provide lots of fresh, clean and cool(not cold) water to drink.
  • If you have indoor pets, then keep your home cool.
  • If your pets tend to spend more time out doors or have a kennel, then make provisions like a fan for keeping the kennel cool
  • Make then a small pool using an old or unused kiddie pool ( to be used on their own free will)
  • Give them a play area to dig into and make a den
  • Be careful not to leave your pet alone in a parked car. The sudden rise in temperature would be very harmful
  • Keep their fur coat clean and cool. Do not shave completely. While trimming be sure to leave at least 1 inch to prevent harm to their skin
  • Exercise your pet or take for walks only during the early or late hours.


  • If it’s a bird who is feeling the heat, then mist it with water and move to a cooler place immediately

Basic Pet Medications and First –Aid

Some basic First-aid and medications that a pet owner should know about:


  • Do not leave your pet alone in a closed house. There are chances of suffocation from heat.
  • Use sunscreen on nose and ear tips. This will help prevent sun burns
  • In case of heat exhaustion or heat stroke, lower the body temperature on priority. Move to the shade and apply cool (not cold) water to gradually lower body temperature. Apply ice packs or cold towels to head, neck and chest.
  • Regular grooming is a must to prevent flea and tick medications especially if the pet spends more time outdoors. In case of Infestation contact your vet immediately.
  • In case your pet swims in the pool then be sure to clean their eyes, ears and skin very thoroughly after the swim.
  • Fly bites around the ears are also common for pets spending time outdoors. Use a fly repellent prescribed by your vet.
  • Abnormal hair loss, raw skin and excessive scratching in pets are causes of concern that needs immediate treatment from a vet.
  • Dogs are infected by heart-worm through mosquito bites. Regular testing as well as preventive medication under advice from your vet is very important for your pet’s well-being.

Other pets like Fish and rabbits

  • Indoor fish tanks should be kept out of direct sunlight and water levels of ponds should be maintained in summers.
  • Keep toxic pesticides and other chemicals away from pets. Contact a vet immediately in case your pet has been  exposed to any poisonous substances
  • Never leave your pets alone at home when you go away on a holiday.
  • Temperatures above 85-90 degrees are very harmful for rabbits.


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