Effective Pet Odor Remover Tips for Your Home


Pet parents often struggle to keep their home odor free. If you own a cat, dog or bunny, you know how easily your entire house stinks up, even after you have cleaned everything with a detergent. Pet waste odor tends to be very strong and it can be very difficult to get rid of it. You need to know effective pet odor remover tips at all times, because you never know when accidents may happen.

Pet Odor Remover Tips

You may make your own cleaner at home or get a commercial cleaner from the market. When you give it a try, you will get to know which works best for you. Know all about pet safe homemade cleaning solutions here.

Enzymatic cleaner

This type of commercial odor remover works well in elimination of pet urine smell from the house. You can apply it directly on the spot and leave it for a while. If the offending area is a carpet or furniture cushion, then give the solution more time to reach deeper into the fabrics below for a thorough removal of odor. You need to purchase the product which is suitable for the material type of your cushions or carpets.


Vinegar is a good cleaner for household stains and odors and works equally well for removal of pet odors. Use it in combination of water and spray it on the affected areas. If the odor persists or if it is the cushions and mattresses that are soiled, you may add baking soda to the solution or sprinkle some soda after treating the area with vinegar solution and clean up the powder later.

Baking soda

Baking soda is a great odor remover and is used mostly for getting rid of unwanted smells from refrigerators and other stinky places at home. You may use it for removing pet odors as well. Sprinkle some of it on the carpet, bedding or pet’s couch and leave it on for some time. Then clean up the powder or vacuum it.

Vacuum cleaner

You need to vacuum your floor and carpets thoroughly and frequently to remove pet dander and smell. You may opt for a vacuum steamer for an easier cleanup of urine puddles on the floor. When buying a carpet steamer, choose the one that doesn’t remove the color or fabrics in the process and eliminates odor completely, instead of binding it to the material.

Freshen up

Even after all the cleaning, if you still have the feeling of lingering odor, you may freshen up your house by letting in some air from the windows and investing in fragrances.

Try scented candles or spraying a room freshener. Investing in an essential oil diffuser is a good idea, as this is more pet friendly than artificial fragrances. You may also use fresh flowers to keep the smell at bay.

In conclusion, for pet owners, maintaining an odor-free home can be challenging. Whether you have a cat, dog, or bunny, battling pet waste odor requires effective pet odor remover tips. Accidents can happen unexpectedly, so these tips are crucial for a fresh and pleasant living environment.


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