Use Effective and Homemade Pet Safe Cleaning Products


Every individual tries to keep his or her home clean for a healthy living. Pet owners should prioritize cleanliness and use pet-safe cleaning products. Research which homemade pet safe cleaning products to use, as some claiming to be natural may not be safe for pets.

Keep pets away from the harmful ingredients

Homemade Pet Safe Cleaning Products

Many people believe highly concentrated home cleaning products are necessary for thorough cleaning. However, it’s crucial to remember they can be toxic to pets and children, so it’s best to avoid them.

With pet safe cleaning products, you can protect your pets and save on veterinarian bills. Enumerate the ingredients that can pose a danger to your pet and should be avoided.

  • Glycol ethers: This ingredient is being found in spot removers, carpet or glass cleaners. It can make your pet weak and pale and can cause damage to the pet’s kidneys and lungs. If you ought to use the product containing this ingredient, then ensure to keep your pet away from the room for some time.
  • Ammonia: Products used for cleaning glass, stainless steel and ovens contain this ingredient. Ammonia can be good for cleaning grease, but can burn mucous membranes and can develop asthma. When you mix up the ingredient with bleach, it can create poisonous gas that is harmful for small pets.
  • Borax: It is one of the effective ingredients to clean many things along with floors in your house. However, it can be dangerous if ingested by your pet and therefore, try not to use the products containing this ingredient.

Homemade pet safe cleaning products for floors

As mentioned, our homes need to be kept clean carefully for a healthier living. We have to keep in mind that some pets have a tendency to taste the floor cleaners. Few homemade pet safe cleaning products can clean floor of any kind and save on your expenditures as well. Ideas for pet safe cleaners for floors made at home are given below:

  • Tile, stone and vinyl floors: For creating a floor cleaner for all these floor types, prepare a mixture of purified white vinegar (1 cup) with warm water (1 gallon).  The vinegar is completely safe for your pet and can clean the floor. It acts as a disinfectant and deodorize as well.
  • Laminates and hardwood floors: You can clean laminates and hardwood floors with a similar vinegar and water solution, but you should use a thicker solution to prevent damage to the floors. Make a mixture of one and half-cup of purified white vinegar with warm water of one gallon. Remember to dry out the floors with clean cloth after cleaning the floors immediately for preventing over saturation.

By using homemade pet safe cleaning products, you can not only keep your floors clean but also keep your pet well protected.


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