Taking Care of Pets with Best Products


If you want to feed your dog or cat, the best commercial food available is the freezer section at speciality pet stores. The most important reason why you may not find freezers in larger pet stores is because this would require considerable amount skill in order to sell raw food diets to the public. In some larger chains such as Petco and PetSmart, you may find frozen foods, but unfortunately they lack the staff knowledge in helping pet owners understand the secrets of feeding raw.

Pets with Best ProductsNot only you’ll find raw pet products and food at small pet boutiques, but also the staff most of the time will have the required experience and education to help you decide which kind of food will be most suitable for your pet. Speaking of commercially prepared frozen raw food, you’ll find plenty of brands, flavours and protein sources. It depends on what your cat or dog will eat to decide what kind of food you decide to get.

For instance, if you want to transform your cat’s diet from dry food to a raw, you’ll first change it into canned food, and then begin to add a chicken-based raw food, which is similar in taste to dry food. It’s very important that you check the back of frozen raw pet food. See if it is AAFCO compliant, which means that it’s licensed by the American Association of Feed Control Officials.

One more thing to look for is the content analysis, be careful to check the fat content since unprocessed diets may be very deficient or very high in fat. That’s unless you have a very underweight pet, in this case a higher fat raw food is recommended.

But you have to be careful if your pet is overweight or suffering from a medical condition such as pancreatitis, you’ll get a diet, which is very low in fat. If for any reason you can’t use a raw diet, you can use canned food instead. The most important piece of information to look for when you check out the back of a canned pet food can is to make sure that protein is the main ingredient. If it contains grains, they ought to be whole grains.

Feeding carbohydrates to dogs and cats is not advisable unless they suffer from kidney problems or liver failure. In this case, small amounts of grains have to be added to diet to decrease protein content. Since animals with kidney and liver failure are unable to process protein efficiently.

Therefore, you want to make sure that the canned food you get has meat as the main ingredient, followed by healthy sources of veggies and fruits. Remember, order of ingredients is important.


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