Rabbit Diseases and Treatments


Rabbit farming is a very profitable business. You may keep rabbits in your house for hobby.  The demand of rabbit meat and skin is very high in the market.However, the biggest road block in making profit from rearing rabbits is the diseases. Like humans animals also fall ill and contact diseases. There are veterinary doctors to help out in this case. However, not every disease of rabbit is so complicated that it needs a doctor. We can treat many of the mat home. Have a look at the different types of rabbit diseases and treatments in this article.


Swelling under the skin near any wound or scratches on a rabbit is a sign of bacterial infection. The disease is known as Abscesses. It is a very common disease which can be cured by some minimal treatment. First clean the fur over the place of abscesses and push out the pus. Use a recommended antibiotic power or ointment over it to heal properly.

Mammary Gland Infection

Enlargement of the mammary gland of rabbit is another problem. The utilization of the milk by baby rabbits is very less. As a result, the mammary glands deposit the excess milk within it.The deposit of the excess milk is the reason for the swollen milk gland which feels hot and firm to the touch. You can prevent the situation from occurring by milking out the extra milk on a daily basis.  Use an anti-inflammatory ointment over the mammary to prevent the situation from getting worst.

Rabbit Diseases and Treatments


If the rabbits have diarrhea frequently, food consumption is reduced, fur becomes rough and there is a noticeable loss of weight, you must be cautious. These may be the symptoms of protozoan infection in the bile ducts,intestine or cecum.The disease is called Coccidiosis. It can be prevented by cleaning the food and water bowl regularly. Use good quality bowl as the food tray. Do not leave food for the rabbit on the floor. To prevent the disease, use Sulfaquinoxaline in the drinking water of the rabbit frequently. If the infection is already present, use this for 2 weeks continuously.


Pneumonia is another deadly disease among rabbits. It may occur because of various reasons. There may be a bacterial infection, a viral infection, a respiratory disease or or even the infection of unsanitary and damp hutches.

The rabbit develops temperature, loses its appetite, has nasal discharge and finds it difficult to breathe.

Tyzzers Disease

Poor sanitation and bacterial infection are the root cause of the Tyzzer disease. This is the most dangerous disease among rabbits. It causes diarrhea and dehydration. The rabbit could die within 48 hours if not treated properly. However, the treatment is not very effective. Antibiotic hardly help in this case. The only way to keep the disease distant is by using proper husbandry practice and consulting a good veteran doctor.

Prevention is better than cure. You can prevent your loss by keeping the hutch neat, dry and clean, and giving hygienic food and water.

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