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A rabbit hutch is a necessary piece of outdoor rabbit equipment. All pet rabbits benefit greatly from time spent in outdoor hutches since this is something that is often not possible inside. Some people use outdoor hutches as permanent housing for their rabbits, whereas the majority use them as supplementary exercise spaces when the weather is nice. Either way, keeping a rabbit as a pet necessitates an outdoor rabbit hutch, and if your rabbit spends the summer months outside, you’ll want to do everything you can to keep it cool.

It is feasible to construct an outdoor rabbit hutch without professional assistance, but there is much more involved in the process than meets the eye. In most circumstances, purchasing a ready-made rabbit hutch online is preferable to building your own since it is faster, simpler, and cheaper. We looked at a large number of outdoor hutches in our quest to find the finest one available for rabbits. We ranked each hutch on size, security, and price to determine which was the best.

Five Best Rabbit Runs

The TRIXIE Rabbit Hutch and Outdoor Run is an Excellent Option.

The top selection is the TRIXIE Rabbit Hutch and Outdoor Run. This hutch best suits housing a single rabbit or a rabbit of a smaller breed due to its small size.

The structure itself consists of two floors. Your bunny will enjoy the lofty “home” space, accessible by a ramp, with a cozy bed and a hiding place. This shelter provides a safe haven for your rabbit, whether the weather is sunny and warm or cloudy and cool.

Key features-

  • 2-stories
  • Access to the lower level may be restricted with the detachable ramp and hatch door; a pull-out plastic tray allows for simple cleanup.
  • Locking arms on the roof’s hinge provide convenient access.

The Stilt Rabbit Hutch, by Advantek

Elegant in form, this outdoor rabbit hutch may be placed in any garden or yard. The Advantek Stilt Rabbit Hutch is a real eye-catcher because of its stunning auburn and white colour scheme. This may be the best choice for you if you want an attractive and practical outdoor rabbit run. Cypress Fir, sourced from a managed forest, is used in the construction of this stunning structure because of its inherent durability and resistance to decay and rot.

Key Features –

  •  Elegant Two-Story Layout
  • For hassle-free maintenance, the pull-out tray may be removed.
  • Durable against insects and decay
best rabbit hutch outdoor | Credit: Ratth

 The Pawhut Outdoor Triangular Wooden Rabbit Hutch

The Pawhut Outdoor Triangular Wooden Rabbit Hutch is an excellent alternative for a thrifty pet owner because of its low cost and distinctive style. The triangular form of the roof of this hutch keeps water out and eliminates the possibility of leaks. The hardwood material makes it long-lasting and rabbit-friendly, and it can be polished and painted to match any decor.

This single-level layout provides both an outdoor area for exercise and an inside place in case your rabbit needs to get out of the elements. The interior and outdoor spaces are separated by doors for simple access and cleaning.

Key Features-

  •  In a Triangular Way
  • Simple to relocate
  • There are two entrances
  • The facility has both an outside play area and a cozy interior sleeping room.
  • One-story

 Pawhut 91″ Deluxe Rabbit Hutch

Is there one particularly large rabbit, or are there several? If you want a deluxe outdoor hutch for your rabbit, go no further than the Pawhut 91″. This hutch measures a whopping 91 inches in length! Plus, it has a spacious workout space on the ground floor and a nesting box on the upper level. If your rabbits need individual sleeping quarters, you may split the upper level with partitions.

The large run area has two entrances: one in the center and one in the front of the nesting box. Some clients complained that there wasn’t a door at the run’s four corners, making it impossible to access the space for cleaning.

Key features-

  •  There are two entrances
  • Plenty much room to go about
  • Many stairways lead up to the 91-inch-long nesting box

The Aivituvin Rabbit House

If your rabbit has a lot of energy and requires a lot of space to go about it, the Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch with Run is the way to go. This hutch is not only attractive but also rather spacious, with a run space of 6.2 square feet. A resting box is available on the second floor.

Your rabbit can still enjoy jumping about outdoors, even on wet days, thanks to the slanted roof. The hutch’s wire bottom netting can be easily removed, making it suitable for usage in either an indoor or outdoor setting. The hutch features a number of removable panels, and the nesting box can be removed for easy cleaning.

Key Functions-

  •  Incredibly roomy
  • Quick and simple construction
  • Intended for use both indoors and outside
  • Spacious, leak-proof, pull-out tray
  • A bottom wire netting that may be removed


In case you were wondering, yes, rabbits can survive relatively cold temps outdoors if you provide the right shelter for them. You should take every precaution to keep your rabbit dry during the winter by providing a tarp to cover the hutch when it rains, elevating the rabbit’s sleeping space off the ground, offering additional insulation, and replacing the bedding often.


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