Different Ways to tell if Your Cat is Sick


Caring for the health of a cat is very important because cats are very delicate and petite pets. People always have a strong affection towards their cats and therefore they try to be sure about the health and the well being of their cats. It is only because of the caring nature of the cat owners that the several ways to tell if your cat is sick have come into being because these methods would be able to help an individual take great care of your pet.

Weight loss

Appetite loss in a cat occurs primarily due to any kind of illness the cat is experiencing. If the cat owner notices any changes in the dietary habits of the cat or weight loss tendencies in the cat, it is very important to take the cat for a visit to the veterinary clinic.

Different Ways to tell if Your Cat is Sick


Cats, like humans, can experience coughing, which is generally normal. However, constant coughing poses a potential threat. If a cat continues to cough for an extended period, it requires immediate veterinary attention as it can pose a dangerous threat to the cat’s health.


Fever is one of the simplest ways to confirm if your cat is ill because it is a primary symptom of sickness in cats. You can check for fever in your cat by observing signs such as shivering and feeling its body for changes in temperature, which can be indicative of a fever.

Lacking energy

Cat owners are likely familiar with their cats’ playful and active lifestyles. Therefore, if you observe a sudden change in your cat’s energy levels, such as increased sleepiness and lethargy, it may indicate some form of sickness. Other behavioral changes can also serve as symptoms of a sick cat, and it’s crucial to diagnose these early to ensure the best possible assistance and care.


Vomiting is a very general tendency that is found in cats. Cats vomit if they take something that is not suitable for their health but persistent vomiting accompanied with some blood can turn out to be dangerous for the health of a cat.


A cat that is not groomed well can signal illness. Nobody likes to take care of themselves in times of sickness. The same goes with cats. Sick and unwell cats do not groom and clean themselves and this can be a clear symptom of sickness prevailing in a cat. This is also one of the most useful ways to tell if your cat is sick.


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