11 Amazing Hero Pets of All Times


It is very wrong to consider pets as mere cuddly companions because there have been pets that have done certain great jobs and have taught people some of the best lessons in life. There are many pets that have served to be of great value between the life and the death of an individual. Check out these 11 amazing hero pets that have been courageous and have risked their own lives to save the lives of others.

1. Khan – The Doberman

The Doberman named Khan rescued the life of little Charlotte Svillicic from a venomous brown snake. Khan tried to move the toddler but when it did not succeed in doing so, Khan picked up the infant with the help of her diaper. This movement of the child was startling for the snake and it bit Khan but Khan was able to recover completely by taking an antivenin.

2. Buddy – The German Shepherd

Joe Stalnakar adopted Buddy, a German Shepherd, and trained him to use the phone when Joe experienced seizure symptoms. This dog breed successfully trained to use its teeth to call the emergency responders by hitting the speed dial button. Buddy used his training successfully in 2008, by calling the emergency responders who arrived only to find Stalnakar unconscious and took him to the hospital where he recovered.

11 Amazing Hero Pets of All Times

3. Willie – The Parrot

A parrot named Willie saved Hannah Kuusk when he found 2-year-old Hannah’s face turning blue. The parrot started screaming and flapping its wings and this made the baby sitter recognize the danger the girl was in. Later Willie got the Animal Lifesaver Award for this brave deed.

4. Winnie – The Cat

Winnie, a cat in Keesling, started meowing when she found a water pump leaking odorless carbon dioxide. This was a great deed, as precautions were taken at the correct time and nobody was harmed.

5. Ben Heinrich’s German Shepherd

Ben Heinrich’s German Shepherd proved invaluable when his owner’s anchorage caught fire. The dog quickly found a trooper on the road and led them to rescue the people trapped in the fire.

6. Shrek – The Dog

Shrek courageously fought off a fox that threatened 10-year-old Maxim Kurguzov in the yard. This dog breed is therefore considered as one of the best among the 10 amazing hero pets of all times.

7. D-Boy – The Pitbull

An intruder was chased and then spooked to escape by D-Boy who was a Pitbull tamed by Roberta Trawick. D-Boy came charging and forced the intruder to escape when the intruder attacked Roberta Trawick in Oklahoma City.

8. Pudding – The Perceptive Cat

Pudding brought owner Amy Jung back to consciousness. She pounced on her stomach when Amy had a seizure.

9. Kirby – The Spaniel

Kirby successfully rescued a man from the rubble of a demolished building by making use of his boots that were meant for protecting the paws.

10. Kilo – The Super Dog

Kilo took a bullet that was speeding towards his owner Justin Becker during a robbery that took place in an apartment.

11. Fridge- The cat

The cat named Fridge was able to save its owner’s life by hinting about the cancerous cell that was possessed by its owner Wendy Humphreys. This was done by the sixth sense of the cat and therefore this cat is also taken as one of the most significant among the amazing hero pets.

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