How To Trim Cat Claws Alone: Tips & Tricks


When your kitty jumps onto your lap and stretches her paws, you know it’s time to clip those claws, as they start to feel prickly. You don’t want to wake up with scratches on your legs or face in the morning when your cat tries to wake you up for its breakfast. As a kitten, this might not have been a problem earlier, but like humans, a cat’s nails also grow. It is necessary to trim their claws regularly. This also prevents the cat from damaging your curtains, carpets or furniture. Trimming your pet’s claws can feel very challenging, but it need not have to be an unpleasant experience for either of you. Wondering how to trim cat claws alone? Well, with practice and patience, you might be able to sail through it.

In this blog post, we have provided you with some tips on how to trim cat claws alone. Read on…

Ways of trimming cat’s claws

Begin early

It is a good idea to begin the process of trimming the claws as a kitten, so that it gets used to it. It may some take time for your pet to understand it’s a regular thing and to cooperate with you.

Choose position

Some cat owners prefer the burrito method of wrapping her up in a towel to clip the nails, but others say, it only makes them more aggressive. The cat may feel threatened by the burrito method and even bite you. Holding it tightly in one arm is necessary to ensure that you or the cat are not hurt, but the cat may show restraint. You should experiment and see what works best with your cat, to get the job done smoothly.

Make the tool cat-friendly

You may choose regular nail-clippers or special clippers for cats, but ensure that your pet doesn’t get anxious on seeing them. Try introducing the tool as a toy and let her play a little. Make her get used to the sound of the tool, by clipping some straws. This way your cat is less likely to put up a fight, as you approach her with clippers in hand.

Use treats

Giving your cat her favourite treats can help to keep her put in one place and get the job done. Try to get as much nails done as the cat would allow, between her treats.

Sleeping time

If your cat is always giving you the slip, you may have to clip the claws when she sleeps. Approach quietly, when your cat is sound asleep and try to clip the claws as many as possible. As soon as she wakes up, move away and get the remaining claws done when she sleeps again. This may take a lot of time though, as you have to keep an eye on when she falls asleep.

Relaxed time

The best time to clip her claws is probably, when your cat is relaxing after a meal. Approach from behind and hold the paws gently, positioning her in your lap. It is better to tackle the front paws first, as they are easier than the rear paws.


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