Best Homemade Cat Food Ideas for Weight Loss


Your cute looking, chubby cat has become more portly? Blame it on the food habits and lifestyle. The weight gain doesn’t depend entirely on processed food or homemade food you choose to serve your kitty, but on the quantity and quality. Also, indoor bred cats are more vulnerable to putting on excess weight easily than the others. If you follow only a commercial cat food diet, you need to take a look at the ingredient quality and the number of calories it contains. Free-feeding your cat is not the best option at the moment and you need to strictly stick to the guidelines provided on how much packaged food needs to be given. You may choose to measure a little less per feeding, to avoid more weight gain. In this article, let’s discuss about homemade cat food for weight loss.

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Homemade cat food options

Most cat owners believe in providing homemade cat food for weight loss is the best choice for their pets. Most people argue about going with raw or cooked when it comes to homemade. It depends on where you buy your meat and poultry and how reliable it is in terms of quality. Know more about different cat food types here.

If you are very sure of the quality of your meat purchase or if poultry comes from your own farm, then you may choose to go with raw food, as it provides maximum nutrition. Otherwise, it is better to go with cooked meats, as it ensures no bacterial presence. Try par-boiled or par-baked meats instead of raw, to ensure it is not contaminated and rich in nutrients.

homemade cat food for weight loss

Homemade cat food for weight control

Cats are basically meat eaters, so it is imperative that meat be given as its main meal regularly.

Meat – Cooked or boiled goat meat, beef or rabbit meat provides necessary protein and fat.

Poultry- You may give your cat well cooked chicken, turkey, or duck meat.

Fish – You may give cooked fish or canned fish.

Eggs- Boiled eggs are also a good source of protein.

Balanced diet – Cats may not like to have fruits, veggies or grains but they are loaded with fiber and other nutrients that are essential for their health. Try giving them cucumber, beans, squash, broccoli, melon and other whole grains in cooked form, in addition to meats for providing a balanced diet.  It is important to focus on healthy eating to promote a healthy weight gain in cats. Also, make sure that your cat stays active, by playing games with it.


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