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Cats are the second-best choice for pets in most households. From the friendly-neighborhood cat to the exotic ones, pet owners have multiple options to choose from. We define cat breeds and their characteristics like no one else. Vaccinations, general care tips and health conditions are some of the popular topics that we focus on. We also give information on best cat food, grooming essentials and toys and accessories too. In the health section we focus on initial symptoms to watch out for and immediate treatment options to go with. We also have a special feature on furniture tips for cats to make their nights as wonderful as their day.

American Curl

American Curl

It is a good choice for families with older children who will treat it respectfully. Quick Facts Cat type: Cobby or Intermediate Weight: Male cat weighs 7-10...
Cat Illness Symptoms

Cat Illness Symptoms to Be Aware Of

Cats will develop health issues as they age. You can recognize those cat illness symptoms by observing the cat’s personality and habits. Observing any...
Fostering Rescue Cats

Fostering Rescue Cats

So you have kindly signed yourself up to foster rescue cats whilst they wait for a permanent home. This is a very nice thing...
cat breeds with big eyes

10 Cat Breeds with Big Eyes

After the dogs, cats are the most associated animals with humans. There are some distinct and unique cat breeds due to the hereditary and...
Best Food for Cats

Best Food for Cats to Ensure a Healthy Life

The most important decision that you will make for your cat is choosing best food for cats. Choosing the quality and best food for...
Cat Flu Symptoms

Know about the Various Cat Flu Symptoms

Cat flu is an infection to feline respiratory system caused by several organisms. Cats that haven't received vaccinations often show cat flu symptoms. If...
Personalized Cat Bowls

Where to Come Across Personalized Cat Bowl

Do you have a cat at home? Then you need to fuss over it quite a bit. Cats are comfort loving creatures, and are...
Food for Diabetic Cats

Food for Diabetic Cats

When a diabetic pet cat cannot regulate the blood glucose levels, proper care and treatment can give the cat a lengthy and comfortable life....
Kidney Disease in Cats

Top 10 Most Noticeable Symptoms of Kidney Disease in Cats

Cat kidney failure is also called as chronic renal failure that affects most of the middle to old aged cats. According to the reports,...
Common Cat Behavior Problems

Common Cat Behavior Problems

Although we all love cats there are some common cat behavior problems that the majority of the pet owners have to face. Sometimes these can be...
Tips for New Cat Adopters

Adopt A Pet: Important Tips For New Pet Owners

People love to adopt a pet, especially a cat, for themselves. They love them and feel some comfort with their loved pets. People love...
Cat Food and Nutrition Facts

Different Cat Food and Nutrition Facts for Different Age Cats

The cats are one of the social animals which can be taken care as pets. People love cats as they are cute and are...
Common Cat Illnesses

Common Cat Illnesses – Some Common Signs and Symptoms

You are noticing that your cat is behaving differently as well as not responding properly from a few days. It might be that your...
Pet Furniture for Cats

Pamper Your Cat with the Best Pet Furniture for Cats

Here's info about cat furniture for cat owners and those who might not know about it. Caring for a cat is easier than other pets....
How Much to Feed a Kitten

Learning the Lessons of How Much to Feed a Kitten

Knowing how much to feed a kitten is essential as your kitten would always be hungry.  Kittens are very exciting and would exhibit extreme playfulness...
Cat Care

Persian Cat Care For Healthy And Long Life!

A cat breed is the most popular for its mild and sweet Persian cat is known. They are not very demanding, and who are...
Cat Maine Coon

Care for Your Cat Maine Coon

Maine Coon cats are very popular, perfect for you and your children. They are friendly little guys who benefit from the attention of people. They...

Cat Breeds: Top Hypoallergenic Options for Allergy Sufferers

Scientifically there are no hypoallergenic cat breeds, but there are few breeds that are less allergenic. Whether the cat is less allergenic or not...
Cat Health

Cat Health Problems: Common Symptoms and Solutions

One of the most important aspects of pet care, to be known to all possible diseases and their symptoms, which can affect your beloved...
Abyssinian kittens

Cat Breeds – Most of the Breeds Are Human Friendly and Easily Customizable!

There are different human friendly cat breeds. Character and behavior of cats on the basis of race they are. Many breeds exhibit affectionate behavior...

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