Cat Breeds: Top Hypoallergenic Options for Allergy Sufferers


Scientifically there are no hypoallergenic cat breeds, but there are few breeds that are less allergenic. Whether the cat is less allergenic or not is determined by the type of coats they wear and the extent of protein they produce.

Hypoallergenic cats have different fur types than the normal ones and they can even be tolerated by people with feline allergies.

Here is the list of hypoallergenic cat breeds for cat lovers:

Rex Cat Breeds :

Owners of the Rex cats claim that they cause less allergy attacks because they have very short and fine coats. These hypoallergenic cats hold less or no dander when compared to longhaired cats, cats with multiple coat layers, particularly cats with thick undercoats. Rex Cats only have a very fine undercoat and they don’t have any top coat. The three recognized breeds of Rex Cats include Devon Rex, Selkirk Rex and Cornish Rex.Rex cat

LaPerm Cat Breeds:

They have very curly fur, which is usually short or long. They seem to shed less and the research said that people with feline allergies can tolerate LaPerm cats.LaPerm cat

Sphynx Cat Breeds:

These hypoallergenic cats are known as hairless cats. There is less protein present as they are furless. These cats produce dander, similar to others, but when rubbed down regularly; its occurrence can be reduced. Though they are hairless cats, owners of Sphynx cat are suggested bathe the cat regularly as the skin and short fur do still hold the protein.Sphynx cat

Siberian Cat Breeds:

These cats produce either no or relatively less FEL D-1 allergen when compared to other cats. These cats have firm, thick undercoat and oily top coat and the skin lives well hydrated, thus reducing the creation and circulation of the dander.Siberian cat

Abyssinian Cat Breeds:

As the coat of Abyssinian cat is small and fine, it sheds minimum and makes less protein and dander when compared to the other cats. So, the cat lovers can easily consider these hypoallergenic cats.Abyssinian cat

Russian blue Cat Breeds:

Russian Blue cats are also known for their hypoallergenic nature and have a relatively long lifespan. These loving cats have solid grey fur, are soft to touch, and have green eyes.
Russian blue cat

Balinese Cat Breeds:

They are often referred to as long-haired cats. Even though these cats have long hair, they produce less FEL D-1 protein than others, thus causing fewer allergic reactions in allergy sufferers.Balinese cat

Though these hypoallergenic cats cause less or no allergy reaction to allergy sufferers, they still generate allergen. While buying hypoallergenic cats, make sure you have a backup plan. Also, you can visit the cattery few times to test yourself for an allergic reaction.


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