Tips To Build A Dog House For Your Loved Ones!


Every one needs a place of their own and dogs are no exception.

House for your dog helps to protect from weather and the quality of life will be improved for outdoor dogs.

Follow these tips if you want to build a dog house for your loved ones without more investment, effort and time.

Tip  1:

In order to avoid the feelings of claustrophobia, most of you like the houses which have two to three feet of air above our heads. In the same way you must allow the same amount of airiness for your dogs.

Before building the dog house, you have to figure out what will be the height of your dog at mature level and you have to build the roof at least 1/3 taller than your dog.

Tip  2:

You have to raise the kennel few inches off from the ground so that water and air can flow under it. You must also provide perfect ventilation for the dog house by drilling some few nickel-sized holes under the eaves in the walls.

Tip  3:

Try to install the wind block inside the kennel so that the dog will use its own heat to warm up things when it is windy and cold.

Tip  4:

While evaluating the plans of the dog house, you have to look for the one which includes a partial wall or which is large enough to add a partial wall.

This is because the dog can be able to escape the necessary elements, like if the weather is bad it can choose to either sleep in the entry room or go around the inner wall.

Tip  5:

Try to build the kennel slant towards the door so that it will drain out the water when the rain enters via the doorway or ventilation holes.

Dog House
Dog House | Credit: eclipse_images

Tip  6:

Your dog may be feared with storms, so in order to avoid this try to build the dog house in the east direction because most of the storms occur in west or north direction.

Tip 7:

Try to put hinges on the roof of the kennel. This will be helpful to you while cleaning the roofof the dog house and these hinges make the work easy.

Tip  8:

You have to select the right site for the house of your dog. You should not select the area or site which drains poorly or where the rain accumulates more frequently.

Tip  9:

You have to consider your dog habits while building the kennel because some dogs likes to sit on the top of the roof. If your dog has this habit then don’t put shingles or roll roofing on the top of the dog house because they will become very hot in the summer.

So, consider these tips while building the kennel for its safety.


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