Oriental Cat


Oriental cat is very smart and bond deeply with its owners. The sleek body of oriental cat makes it appear more muscular that it originally appears.

Oriental Cat

Quick facts

Cat type: Natural

Weight: Male cat weighs 8-12 pounds and female cat weighs up to 8 pounds

Height: Available in medium to large size

Color: Blue, White, Ebony, Brown, Cream, Red, Frost, Platinum, Chocolate, Fawn, Chestnut, Lavender, Cinnamon, Champagne, Seal

Coat: Available in both short and long varieties

Lifespan: Around 8-12 years

Ideal companion for:

  • Experienced cat owners
  • Families with older children
  • Singles with other pets
  • Families with other pets
  • Affectionate and vocal
  • Agile
  • Loving
  • Easy going
  • Highly intelligent
  • Sociable
  • Loyal and Playful companion
  • Sweet
  • Curious
  • Good with children
  • Good with family dogs

Breed’s Temperament

Breed’s character

This cat tends to be an entertainer and loves to interact with people. It develops a strong bond with its owner. They are very vocal, so always they expect lot of conversation in your household. It is one of the most local cats around. It needs your time and attention.

Breed’s standards

  • Head: Angular head flows into large flaring ears
  • Eyes: Almond shaped eyes
  • Legs: Tall and slender legs
  • Hair: Available in both short and long hair

Breed’s grooming

Short haired Oriental cat is easy to groom by using a rubber curry brush. Use stainless steel brush for long haired Oriental cats. Long haired cats need grooming for several times a week to prevent tangles or mats.

Breed’s health

Oriental cats are generally healthy, but the health problems are same as that of the Siamese cat. Some of the health problems include: liver amyloidosis, dilated cardiomyopathy and other neurological defects.


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