5 Dog Sickness Symptoms that indicate your Dog is not well


As the dogs cannot tell about their illness, it is very important for you to notice dog sickness symptoms that indicate about their illness. As a dog owner, you can easily realize when they’re not just being their regular selves. Here are the most common symptoms that you need to look for:

Dog Sickness Symptoms

1. Weight gain or weight loss: Usually we observe weight changes in your dog when you change the type of food and quantity of food. Noticing unexpected weight changes can be a sign of illness. For example, dogs with irregular hormone production may gain weight even they eat less food.

2. Lack of appetite: It is a sign that indicate something is wrong with your dog. There are various illnesses that can make the dog turn his nose up at the food, such as fever, infection, kidney or liver disease.

3. Lack of energy: Dogs with any kind of illness usually act dull and depressed. During these times, your dog doesn’t participate in any kind of family activities or it doesn’t interact with the people in usual way.

4. Fever: It is one of the classic dog sickness symptoms. If the dog’s temperature is above 102.8 degrees when it is at rest, surely your dog is ill or may have any infection.

5. Loose or dry stools: Dog’s stool is a very important sign of his health. The stool should be firm and formed and hold together when you pick them up with a shovel. Dry stools are also an indicator that your dog is constipated.


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