How Severe are the Dog Eye Problems?


As a dog owner, you should evaluate dog eye problems and get treated with a combination of holistic and conventional medicine. Certain times, surgery is also considered, whereas other times herbal or homeopathic treatments are best.

There are various dog eye problems that a dog can get affected. So, being aware of the most common eye diseases can help with better and faster recovery.

Dog Eye Problems

Here are the most common dog eye problems:

Dog cataracts: Diseases, increasing age and any trauma to the eyes can cause dog cataracts. This condition causes dog’s eye become cloudy or bluish gray. Gradually this condition leads to decreased vision and eventually to the point of blindness.

Dog corneal ulcer: It is a much complex eye injury that is usually caused by thorn, cat scratch, or any other foreign objects. This type of infection is very difficult to check and it needs special kind of light to diagnose.

Dog eye inflammation: Inflammation of dog’s eyes is a sign of dog eye infection. You can treat the condition with thorough cleaning of the eyes and by using special dog eye drops.

Dog eye injury: Eye injuries are often the result of cuts, scratches and bruising of the eyeball.

Ingrown dog eyelids: This is an inherited condition or result from continuous inflammation of the eyes. Due to this, eyelids turn inwards and press the eyelashes against the eyes. This rubbing can result in large ulcers.

Dog eye irritation: When the dust and debris enter into the eyes, it will eventually cause cornea scratches and thus resulting in eye irritation.


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