Fostering Rescue Cats


So you have kindly signed yourself up to foster rescue cats whilst they wait for a permanent home. This is a very nice thing to do so you should feel very good about yourself. If this is the first time you are fostering rescue cats then you will need to cat proof your home.

How To Foster Rescue Cats?

Firstly, hide all electrical wires to prevent the cat from playing with or chewing them.

Ensure you keep all cleaning products secure in a cupboard to prevent ingestion of these dangerous chemicals. Antifreeze is highly toxic but also very palatable to cats so ensure the cat does not have access to this.

Research any plants that you have in your house or garden to ensure they are not toxic to cats when ingested.

Finally, ask the centre if the cat can go outside and seek their advice, especially regarding the recommended duration for keeping the cat inside before allowing it outside. If allowed outside, cat-proof your garden by removing hazards and avoiding plant pesticides, which can be ingested.

Fostering Rescue Cats

Whilst they are in the house cat toys are important to keep them stimulated and entertained. They can also relieve stress and help to keep them calm.

Remember that when the cat enters your home, they will experience extreme stress and uncertainty about what is happening. You must give them their own space and allow them to deal with the change by their own terms. Do not over-fuss or overcrowd them and provide a safe area for them where they can go to be alone.

They may also be scared to eat so place their food in a quiet area too so they can eat in peace and quiet.

Feliway is a scent that replicates the scent that cats leave behind when they scent mark furniture by rubbing against them. As this smell calms cats Feliway can help to reduce anxiety in stressful situations. Available as a calming spray for furniture and bedding and a diffuser for their quiet space.

Cat food is a crucial consideration. It’s best to continue feeding them the food they are fed at the center. This way, at least one thing remains the same. This will give them some comfort. It will encourage them to eat, as they will be less likely to eat much in the beginning. Changing a cat’s food suddenly can cause digestive upset, which is the last thing you need during this stressful period. Mixing their food with a few treats may also be useful to encourage them to eat.

Happy fostering! If you follow the advice given it should help to make the fostering rescue cats process much easier and more enjoyable.


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