10 Cat Breeds with Big Eyes


After the dogs, cats are the most associated animals with humans. There are some distinct and unique cat breeds due to the hereditary and selective breeding. You can see that some cats are with big eyes, some with unique features, etc. Here are the cat breeds with big eyes that look adorable.

cat breeds with big eyes
cat breeds with big eyes | Credit: Irina Nedikova

1. Devon Rex

Devon Rex

They have typically “down hair”, or soft and fine undercoat fleece. It has curly down hair, which makes Devon Rex unique among all the cats. Also these cats have larger eyes and are active, friendly and playful. They enjoy hanging on peoples’ shoulders, similar to parrots. Also, these cats are brilliant.

2. Sphynx


These are another cat breeds with big eyes. They are highly energetic cats and thrive on interaction. It is a little lap cat that meows often when compared to other cat breeds. The average lifespan of sphinx is 14 years.

3. Abyssinian


It is an active and highly energetic cat that thrives on interaction when compared to other cat breeds. It can happily spend time alone. This cat is a quitter breed and doesn’t meow frequently. The average lifespan of Abyssinian is 15 years. Also, it is a very less maintenance cat that needs very little grooming.

4. Japanese Bobtail

Japanese Bobtail

It has big eyes and has an unusual bobbed tail. The tail resembles the tail of the rabbit than an ordinary feline. These are very intelligent, active and talkative cats. Bobtail’s eyes are very large and oval shaped.

5. British Shorthair

British Shorthair

It has dense and soft coats. It has large and round shaped eyes that are copper in color. The lifespan of British shorthair is 10-15 years. These are wonderful companions of children and also go well with other animals in the house.

6. RagaMuffin


These are very large cat breeds with big eyes. They have very large expressive eyes. The gentle nature of these cats makes them perfect as a family companion. They have very long lifespan compared to other domestic cats.

7. Singapura


This breed has strikingly large eyes as well as ears. The eyes appear large and usually are not below an eye width apart. Eyes are wide open, but appear slant when closed or partly closed.

8. California spangled cat

California spangled cat

These cats have almond shaped eyes that are set well apart from each other. The cat comes in wide range of colors such as gold, silver, red, bronze, blue, black, charcoal, and brown.

9. Elf cat

Elf cat

These are the new addition to the cat world. They are the result of a cross between American Curl and Sphynx. These are hairless cat breeds with big eyes. These are very intelligent and highly social animals. They can set well in any kind of homes like other pets.

10. LaPerm


These cats are closely associated with Native American culture. It is said that this cat breed was created under the vigilant eye of idol Tsagaglalal, to whom most rock hunters around the area are dedicated.


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