Labrador Retriever


Labrador retriever is a big sized dog but is very friendly, playful and loving. According to 2008 statistics, these breeds are the most popular purebred dogs in America. The lifespan of these sporting dog breeds is 10-12 years. Kind and outgoing nature of Labrador retriever can make them more popular.

They are available in black, chocolate and yellow, and they are strong swimmers and excellent retrievers. These dogs are bred to retrieve fishing nets, serving as therapy dogs, guide dogs, cadaver dogs, search and rescue dogs and also they have become the most popular working dogs.

Labrador Retriever

Wonderful companion to children

These dogs are very protective of their owner particularly small children, so they are most reliable among several dog breeds. Its sweet personality and beauty compliment the cleverness of the breeds, thus making them as a perfect family pet. Labs thrive in an active household, where they can have lot of interaction. Children will even love this dog’s cool nature and train ability. These dogs can even be patient with children.

Perfect hunting dog breed

It is perfect among all the hunting dog breeds as it can be used for hunting almost in any condition. You can use these dogs to flush pheasants or even you can hunt for birds over the water.

Be prepared to harness the energy: fetching games and lots of activities will keep the dog healthy and happy.

Fun fact about Labrador retriever is, it can carry an animal in its mouth without hurting it. Even these dogs can carry an egg in its mouth without breaking it.


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