German Shepherd


German shepherds are highly intelligent and courageous. These dogs are popularly known for their great faithfulness and are obedient, strong, cheerful and willing to learn. It is suggested to socialize and train these dogs from early age with firm and loving hand. The lifespan of these dog breeds is about 12 years.

German Shepherd

Great companion to family

These active and fun-loving dog breeds are very much fond of children once it established a relationship. It is a reliable family pet and also a good protector dog. German shepherd is an ideal dog breed for most families. It needs regular grooming and exercise. Shepherds are not only a good companion for children, but also they are good with other pets.

Unique features of German shepherd

  • It is a herding group dog breed
  • Size of these dog breeds ranges from 22-26 inches
  • Rapid learning ability makes these dogs to use for herding, police work, sheepdog, sheepdog, as a guide for blind people, in the military and in search and rescue services
  • These dogs can actively participate in various activities like agility, ring sport, and fly ball.

Most dangerous dog breed

These dogs are considered as one of the most dangerous dog breeds in the world. A most distinctive feature that makes these dogs most hazardous is their violence towards small dog breeds.

These dog breeds are protective by nature. It needs to be appropriately strengthened to avoid over-guarding and inappropriate herding behavior. Expose your dog to a range of places, people and situations; otherwise you may end up with a liability on your hands.


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