Top 6 Dog Breeds You Can Keep in a Small House

Dog Breeds

Are you an animal lover, and you want a companion, but you are considering if the environment will be suitable for your friend because the truth is no matter your love, to actually live in harmony and bliss with your pet, you must consider compatibility (it’s a commitment people, believe). You can run through some great options and advice free on the pet-ternet. Well, that was general, we turn our attention to you, yes you, dog lover (we love canines too mate), because this is for you, first-timer, or enthusiast, who wants to bring home your canine friend/love. We’ve searched through the over 300 known dog breeds, to give you the top 6 breeds (in our researched opinion) that can share your indoor space with minimal fuss.

Let’s run down the list…


We’ll just go with this obvious buddy here. Now, if you want to keep being on this fella’s good books, do not even think of exercising with him, they don’t roll that way (just don’t). The occasional walk will do, but don’t push it.

Bulldogs are fantastic with children and other dogs, are so well behaved and easy to train. So, single, or family guy, this buddy will be the perfect wingman either way.

They are very quiet and won’t bark you or the neighbors to insanity.


So, you are a family guy, and the kids are still just babes, then the beagle is just the four-legged friend/assistant you need. These friendly and curious cuties (they have a beseeching expression), are very jovial and will be great playmates to the kids.

They’ll give you a run for your money and will whip you into shape one way or another because they love and need exercise (thought you were obsessed with exercise? think again).

They fare well with other dogs, need regular grooming, and are very vocal, no one gets past the front door without you getting an alert.

3. PUG

AHHH, these very good-natured buddies are a handful and will wear you out, when you need to just forget all the stress and a friend to make you laugh despite yourself. Very playful and curious, they’ll exercise out of curiosity rather than necessity.

They may need some supervision around other dogs or the little babes, so you want to get this guy if you’re single or when the young ones move out.

The pug will bark only if necessary, they respect themselves, so you can train them to always give you a heads up when someone comes up on the porch.


These very friendly and active dogs are perfect with children but will need a watchful eye around other dogs, but with some training (which they love), they’ll be alright.

They are also good watchdogs.


The usual laziness that is characteristic of bulldogs holds true for this little buddy, but with a bit of patience they’ll learn all you teach them, but need no training to be totally charming with the kids.


Their companions will rarely make a sound, they are probably introverts but are an adorable company to have around, especially if you live alone, and they’ve got a mischievous glint in their eye.

Hope you have found top 6 dog breeds and identified which one to bring home.


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