Know More About the Top 10 Dog Breeds


Making a decision to bring a dog home can be a pretty difficult one. The dog needs to have proper training and people should be aware of the breed that they are buying to take proper care of the dog. Some of the factors that help in deciding the breed that one should adopt are the size of the house and the presence of good parks in the area. People with huge families should get dogs that can get along well with everyone. The list of top 10 dog breeds is as follows:

1. Beagle

This dog breed is very friendly and loves to play around. They are loyal, high spirited and have great dispositions.

2. Basset Hound

Basset Hounds have a droopy personality and are not that active. They don’t actively go outdoors and the owners would have to spend low on their maintenance.

Know More About the Top 10 Dog Breeds

3. Collie

People who like to spend time outdoors and have older children in their family should go for this breed. The dogs of this breed are active and very playful.

4. Dachshund

Among the top 10 dog breeds this one is very easy to take care of and are also suitable for singles as well as families. They are very loyal and are also known as Weiner dog.

5. Irish Setter

This breed is famous for its long russet coats and is very easy to train. They are friendly, beautiful, energetic and amiable with families. These dogs are larger in size but don’t harm any person. They are at their best when it comes to alerting people against any potential danger.

6. Golden Retriever

This is the most common breed among all the dog breeds and the Retriever is one of the friendliest dogs. Golden Retriever is very smart and the best when it comes to intelligence. They catch all the tricks very easily and are also very obedient.

7. Newfoundland

This is a very large sized dog and is suitable for people who have large yards or a good park near their house.

8. Labrador Retriever

This breed mainly comes in two colors – Golden and Black. It is a fun loving breed and one will surely enjoy many good memories with them.

9. Papillon

They are also known as Papis and are very smart and adorable. This breed is very delicate and people with apartments and older children should get them. When it comes to training, it is very easy to train them as they are good at proving their intelligence.

10. Pug

The Pug has inquisitive eyes and scrunched face. They may not look that beautiful but they will surely remain very active.

There are many other breeds that one can consider and it is very important to do a proper research before getting them. The list of top 10 dog breeds will surely prove to be helpful for dog lovers.


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