Different Breeds of Pheasants Found Around the World


An aviary would be given a complete look by the addition of pheasants that are considered to be hardy birds. Pheasants are liked by people and this is the main reason why people look forward to breeding pheasants. However, before making a decision it is important that people have a clear idea about the different breeds of pheasants so that they can make a choice depending on which breed would be right for them. While attempting to breed pheasants, it’s essential to consider various factors, so it’s crucial to possess a clear understanding of their different bird breeds.

Common Pheasant

The common pheasant is highly popular and primarily inhabits the UK. People often keep it in aviaries, and it’s also used for games. The male pheasants in this group have a brown plumage and black-blue neck. They are very fast when scared and they usually run instead of flying. These birds usually feed on insects and grains but they also have a tendency to eat snakes, small birds and mice.

Golden pheasant

These breeding pheasants have a very distinctive plumage possessing black and yellow neck, scarlet chest and golden crest. They originated in China and are currently found in aviaries all over the world. People consider them one of the easiest breeds to keep because they are straightforward to feed. They possess great fertility as they have the ability to lay five to eleven eggs at a time.

Different Breeds of Pheasants Found Around the World

Monal pheasant

This breed of pheasant is considered to be very beautiful despite the fact that it has a short tail and a squat body. The pheasants from this breed possess red neck, blue wings and a green head and they are very similar to a peacock. Such pheasants have a habit of digging because of their large and curved beak. They are used to the cold weather and therefore they need to be provided with cool shelters during summer months. They are very friendly.

Mikado pheasant

This breed of pheasants has long tails and black plumage. They can fly very short distances and are usually found in the bamboo fields and the forests of Taiwan. pheasants feed on shrubs, snails and bugs. They are very quiet and therefore they are considered to be the perfect birds that can be kept at home.

Reeves pheasant

The reeve pheasant has the longest of tails among the different breeds of pheasants and therefore it requires a very large pen. The feathers of the tails are silver in color and they have a brown plumage. These pheasants are very aggressive and therefore they should be tamed as chicks. They are also quiet and at the same time they do not have a fussy diet. They can eat almost anything that they find.


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