Essential Dog Makeup Tips


When it comes to face painting, there are many people who might consider a dog’s look because it serves as a great look. Dogs are very popular among adults and children and therefore anybody who poses up like a dog would be sure to get a lot of applauds and requests for funny pics. For people who choose dog makeup for occasions like Halloween, it seems to be very easy for them to do so. They just need to put on some ears and get a collar for dogs and this serves as an easy and very low-maintained costume for Halloween. People consider dog makeup cute and fun, and it can be used for various types of occasions. Below, we discuss some important dog makeup tips.

Painting the face

In trying to apply dog makeup, the first and foremost step involves painting the face. Use white makeup and an applicator sponge to paint the face. Applicator sponge helps in putting the makeup evenly on every area of the face so that the original color and complexion of the skin is not visible. Apply white makeup to the entire face, excluding the nose tip and the areas around both eyes.

Essential Dog Makeup Tips

Use of black paint

Next, use black paint to create the circle around the eyes. To do this, use another sponge applicator, as the previous one carried some color from the white makeup, which could spoil the effect if reused. You can also use the sponge to fill in the nose tip, the underside of the nose, and the nostrils.

Drawing U shapes

Draw wide U shapes from the central position of the nose underside to the right-hand side of the lips. Similarly, draw U shapes from the nose center to the left-hand side of the lips. Use a black makeup crayon for these U shapes to create the appearance of a dog’s face. Ensure that the U shapes drawn with the black crayon also include three to five dots resembling those found on dogs.


Next comes the time to draw the whiskers. Draw whiskers on the cheeks using a black crayon. Ensure proper placement of whiskers since they play a crucial role in achieving a dog-like appearance on the face. You can also add extra black dots to the face using the black crayon.

The finishing touch

After making use of the crayons and the paint, next and the most important of all dog makeup tips is to apply some more paint for the finishing touch. This gives the makeup the touch of perfection and makes the face appear completely like that of a dog.


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