Dogue de Bordeaux Breeders – A Breed for the Family


In this article, let’s learn more about Dogue de Bordeaux breeders.


This dog has a calm and good temperament. This is very patient, loyal and devoted to the owned family. Confidential and fearless with unknown persons, he is the first class guard and watch dog. This breed is very well with other pets. Despite the fearsome appearance of this dog, it is very good with his family and children. Even though this is a powerful animal, it is not suitable for people who don’t have experience in dealing dog pets. This breed needs calm and firm owner who can display the natural authority over their pets.

Dogue de Bordeaux Breeders

Physical Description:

This is also known as the Bordeaux Bulldog and French Mastiff, which is stocky mastiff and short. This dog has wrinkled head that is heavy, broad and massive. Male dogs head circumference could be of 27 to 30 inches. Muzzle is bit short, powerful, thick and wide. Dog color depends on its mask. Noticeable dewlap can be formed with a thick skin. Based on the dog color, eyes are dark brown to hazel. The tail is very thick at base. Chest is broad, and deep. Legs are muscular. Coat colors include several shades of red and black. Sometimes there are white markings on the toes tips and chest.

Health Problems:

Most of these dogs are healthy, but this breed is prone to get hip dysplasia. Also there are some cases of epilepsy, hyperkeratosis and heart problems.

Height and Weight:

Height: 23-30 Inches, Weight: 120-145 pounds.

Living Conditions:

Dogue de Bordeaux Breeders can live in apartments if it gets enough exercise. These are very inactive indoors and they will be okay without yard.

Physical Exercise:

This breed needs lot of exercise. Take the dog on long walk every day. Lack of physical or mental exercises can develop some behavior issues.


Very little grooming is required. This is an average shedder.

Life Span:

This can live up to 12 years.


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