Best Small Dog Breeds


There are some best small dog breeds that are extremely popular for many reasons. They are portable, so they can easily fit in the carriers and easy to carry with you to any place. Every dog comes with its own features and challenges. A small dog also is also as much of handful as other dogs.

If you want to select best small dog breeds for you, go through the list of the most preferable small dog breeds. Small dogs are quiet, cuddly and cute, probably you should think once again; what the small dogs lack in the stature. Small dog breeds can be available with different type of personalities, so prior to get your cute, small friend, it is better to know about the best small dog breeds.

Yorkshire terrier:

Yorkshire terrier

This is one of the popular of all the best small dog breeds; this is the favorite one among the fans of small dogs. This beautiful small dog is known for its tan and blue colored silky long hair. The yorkie is made up for the small stature with the huge personality.



These are another highly preferred and best small dog breeds and are classified in the scent hound group, but it is beloved by many people. Dachshunds are called by several nick names: wiener dog, doxie, hotdog, sausage, etc. With its stubby, short and round legs, long body, Dachshunds are easy to spot. These are miniature and standard in size, but later they become ideal for small dog lovers. These dogs are available in three types of coats: long, wire, or smooth. Dachshund is affectionate and sweet to its trusted family, but it can be a little wary for the strangers.



This is another popular breed of small dogs; this is known for its specific and tight curls hair cut. Possibly due to its delicate and fancy appearance, many people do not know that this is a highly intelligent dog breed. This comes in 3 sizes: miniature, standard or toy.

Shih Tzu:

Shih Tzu

This is one of the best small dog breeds that act as family and domestic companion. Shih Tzu is very friendly, and mostly gentle with children. They do not shed, but Shih Tzu’s full, double layered, and dense coat needs daily grooming. This is a pampered dog with confident and alert disposition. Despite of its size, this breed is quite hard and it can hold on its own. Select this “mini lion” if you want a trust worthy and lovable friend.



This is a good dog for the people who are with allergies, this is friendly and get well along with other pets and even with cats. These type of dogs need contact of human, so do not leave them alone. Over cuddling of these dogs can actually lead to more harm than good that often lead to behavioral disorders.


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