Essential Vitamins for Dogs


We know that human beings need vitamins to improve their health for long term and in the same way dogs are also need vitamins for perfect health for long term. If your dog is not receiving proper nutrients and food as it needs, then it can lead to long term problems. By giving essential vitamins for dogs, we can prevent those problems in future. Vitamins deal with the free radicals in the body and extra nutrition is the need of every age.

A dog’s vitamin requirements are almost similar to human because they are not carnivorous, dogs are omnivorous. Dogs get their vitamins from both plants and animals, but we should take care about their essential minerals and vitamins whether they are getting in enough amounts or not. 

Essential Vitamins For Dogs

Some important essential vitamins for dogs are:

  • Essential Vitamins for DogsVitamin A: Fat is not dissolved in liquid. Vitamin A is a fat soluble. It stores fat in dog’s body. For strong and better immune system and good vision purpose, dogs require vitamin A.
  • Vitamin B1: All B vitamins are water-soluble and excess amounts are excreted in urine. Vitamin B1 is essential for your dog’s carbohydrate metabolism and energy. B vitamins promote a positive environment and can be found in milk, fruits, vegetables, and meat.
  • Vitamin C: This vitamin helps dogs to strongly fight for viral infections. It is also helpful for skin maintenance.
  • Vitamin E: Vitamin E plays a major role in cell membrane formation and cell respiration. Dogs must maintain better footpads and for this purpose vitamin E is required. The sources of this vitamin are vegetable oils, meat, wheat germ and nuts.
  • Vitamin B6: Vitamin B6 is required for dogs to maintain healthy blood, immune and nervous system. Vitamin B6 deficiency can cause weight loss in dogs.
  • Vitamin B12: Vitamin B12 is required for the proper functioning of enzymes in dog along with remaining B vitamins. B12 deficiency can cause reduction in white blood cells.
  • Vitamin D: This is one of the essential vitamins for dogs. It improves muscles and bones in dog’s body. Vitamin D also related to fat soluble vitamins category, so take care about this vitamin and doesn’t give too much D vitamin to your dog. Main sources of vitamin D are fish oil, meat and can also be acquired from sun.
  • Vitamin K:  Some leafy and green vegetables and also egg yolk mainly contain vitamin K. This vitamin improves the blood functions in dog’s body. In some circumstances blood can’t clot without vitamin k, but this deficiency occurs rarely.


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