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Dogs are the most preferred pet-option among pet owners. They are famously known as a man’s best friend. In this page, we bring all dog-related information to your screen, right at one place. Topics covered include the frequently sought-after questions of owning a dog to choosing the right pet for your home and ideal number too! Diet, grooming, training and health are some of the most popular genres that are covered in full detail. Additionally, we also have a huge section on accessories such as furniture too! Readers also come here for seasonal information year after year. We revamp these articles with the latest information available for that season. We also bring in special feature articles during festive times, on how your dog can be an add-on to your festivities.

Your Dog Stop Barking at Night

Guidelines to Help Your Dog Stop Barking at Night

If you are a new dog parent, the excitement of having a pet at home can soon fade to frustration, if your dog is...
best way of shaving your dog

Guidelines on How to Shave Your Dog

Grooming your pet dog on a regular basis is as important as getting him regular physical exercise. It helps protect their skin from various...
how to introduce a dog to a new home

Ways of Introducing your Dog to a New Home

Dogs usually adjust fairly well to a new environment, but few may not be able to settle well. You should do how to introduce...
Lyme disease in dogs

How Dogs are Affected with Lyme Disease?

Dogs can be affected with Lyme disease, caused by borrelia burgdorferi bacteria, which is transmitted by tick bite. This Lyme disease in dogs affects...
tick removal from dogs

How To Easily Remove Ticks From Dogs?

Wondering how to easily remove ticks from dogs? Understanding the proper procedure for handling and removing ticks is essential to ensure their safe removal...
treatment for arthritis in dogs

Signs that Indicate Arthritis Condition in Dogs

Arthritis is a condition affecting the joints of older dogs and some giant breeds. This is also referred to as osteoarthritis and can cause...
roundworm infection symptoms in dogs

Symptoms of Roundworm Infection in Dogs

Roundworm infection, also known as nematode infection, refers to the presence of parasitic worms called roundworms or nematodes in the dog's intestinal tract. These...
heartworm symptoms in dogs

Symptoms Related to Heartworm Disease in Dogs

Worms that are parasites cause heartworm disease in dogs, affecting many major organs of the body. Mosquitoes transmit these worms to dogs in their...
cushing's disease

Canine Hyperadrenocorticism (HAC) or Cushing’s Disease in Dogs

Canine Hyperadrenocorticism is an endocrine related condition that mostly affects middle-aged to older dogs. It is also known as Cushing’s syndrome. This condition occurs...
how to identify dental disease in your dog

How to Identify Dental Disease in Your Dog: Key Signs

Dogs can be affected with dental issues, but the problem remains unnoticed in many cases, until much later. Dogs are mostly affected with gum...
dog breeding books for dog breeders

Different Types of Dog Breeding Books for Breeders

Whether you are a new breeder or an experienced one, it is always a good idea to learn about different dog breeds, new techniques...
how to dry your dog's hair without a hairdryer

Guidelines on How to Dry your Dog’s Hair without a Hairdryer

You may think that giving a bath to your pet has been very challenging and accomplished successfully, but then comes drying of hair. After...
What kind of dryers do dog groomers use?

Types of Dryers Used by Dog Groomers

Every breed of dog requires regular grooming, which is helpful in keeping health issues at bay. Grooming may depend on the type of dog...
Causes of Diarrhea in Dogs

Most Common Causes of Diarrhea in Dogs

Dogs are often affected by diarrhea and different dog breeds may experience it in a different way. Sometimes it may last a short while,...
what is the best allergy supplement for dogs

What Is The Best Allergy Supplement For Dogs: Care For Your Pet

Allergies in dogs occur for several reasons, including dust, food, pollen, perfumes, fleas, smoke or chemical pollutants. No matter how well-groomed your dog is,...
what causes warts in dogs

What Causes Warts in Dogs?

A virus called papilloma causes warts in dogs, and the medical term for it is canine papilloma. Warts are a common occurrence and may...
what causes dog constipation

What Causes Dog Constipation: Unveiling the Reasons

Constipation in dogs is often attributed to their eating habits. Most pet dogs are not always well behaved when it comes to eating clean....
what are the signs of bad teeth in dogs

What Are The Signs Of Bad Teeth In Dogs: Complete Guide

Most dogs experience some or the other form of dental problems in their lifetime. Dental issues not only cause pain, but also cause serious...
If you find your dog to be drooling more than usual and wondering what must be the cause and what to do, find out how to stop excessive drooling in dogs.

Causes of Excessive Drooling in Dogs and Measures to Prevent it

Drooling may seem like a very normal dog thing. However, too much isn't, and it indicates an underlying condition that needs to be taken...
how to remove warts in dogs

Different Ways of Removing Warts on Dogs

Warts in dogs are usually caused by the papillomavirus and are typically harmless. Sometimes, they shrink and vanish on their own due to the...

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