Ways of Introducing your Dog to a New Home


Dogs usually adjust fairly well to a new environment, but few may not be able to settle well. You should do how to introduce a dog to a new home, otherwise it can lead to many behavioural problems.

Your new home may be in an entirely different climatic region which the dog may not be used to. You need to pay extra attention to their needs and make them comfortable in the new environment. If your new place has other pets or new people, it may take a while for the dog to adjust and familiarise with them. Here’s what you can do to help your dog.

Place your pet’s stuff in the new home

Before you take your dog to the new house, place all his toys, bed and other things in the house. With this, he will know that at least his belongings are the same. This will help him identity with the new home more quickly. The comfort of his old sleeping couch, food bowls and toys help in soothing him, as they all have his scent.

Clean the house thoroughly

Before you move into your new home, make sure it is all clean and free of scents of the previous owners and pets. Hire professional carpet cleaners to get rid of the scents, which your dog would otherwise catch and start marking his territories by urinating everywhere. This is quite common with some dogs when they shift to a new house, as the new scents can be alarming to them.

how to introduce a dog to a new home

Be with the dog when introducing the new place

Introduce your dog to the new home, by being with him and showing him around. Guide him to the outdoors as well. Show him his new sleeping place and try to spend some time with him there, so that he knows it’s his comfort zone. You may choose to introduce him to other rooms at different times, when you know he has adjusted well to his present space.

Stick to the same schedule

It may be a little difficult because of the move, but you must try and stick to the same routine as much as possible. You must feed him around the same time as you used to, take them to their walks and play with them. This assures them that his favourite things to do are still the same.  

Use pheromone diffuser

Some dogs can have a very difficult time in adjusting to a new place. You may use a pheromone diffuser, which diffuses artificial pheromones into the air. This helps them calm down when they are too stressed. These are available in most pet stores or online stores.

Pay attention

The move can take a toll on you, as you are busy moving things and organising, but it can be even more difficult for your pet, if you ignore them in the new home. Try to pay as much attention as possible to their behaviour. Spend time together and offer them lots of treats to encourage them to like their new home. You may also ask someone else to care of your pet, till you settle down.


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