Some Dog Breeds That Are Good With Children


Here is list of dog breeds good with children. They are the best to consider if you are planning to get a dog this season for your junior.

Kids love dogs and, as parents, we want them to have a loyal and loving companion that they can play with and who will guard them. When we see movies that have dogs playing with kids, we may think that it looks cute and sweet but the fact is that we need to be careful about which breed we pick as a pet. It is important to make sure that you pick dog breeds good with children to make sure that your kids are safe with them.

Dog Breeds Good with Children

There are a number of great dog breeds that are ideal to have when you have kids. Here are a few dog breeds that are great with kids that you can consider if you are looking for a pet for your home:

  • The first breed that is great to have for kids is the Bull Dog. They are ideal especially for kids who like to play a little rough with their pets. This breed can be comfortable in any type of house whether it is a large one or an apartment. They are not the most energetic dogs but they are loyal, friendly as well as docile and they will get along with other pets of you have any.
  • The Beagle is a breed that is ideal especially if you have active kids. They are sturdy and will always be ready to play with your kids. They are clever, cheerful and friendly. They get along with other animals, although they may chase them around once in a while. They are a little hard to take care of as they shed and need regular baths and brushing.
  • The Bull Terrier is a breed that needs a lot of playtime as they are energetic. If you have a large family, they are the perfect dogs to have. Your affection will be returned as they will be very protective of your kids. They are loving towards both adults and children alike. They are great especially when you have kids who are still learning.
  • Among the dog breeds good with children, the Collie is one of the best. They are gentle and predictable. They get along extremely well with kids and are very protective of them. You should however remember that they are sheep-herding dogs and may try to herd your kids. This should be discouraged right from the start.
  • The Newfoundland dog breed is another great one to have when you have kids in your home. They love kids and are very protective of them. They are gentle, patient and kind and they are best suited to homes that have large spaces.

Having a dog at home is not only great for protection but also to have a companion for your kids. They have someone that they can play with. Finding dog breeds good with children does not have to be so tough. All you need to know is how your kids react to the breed and whether they fall in love with it right away.


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