Golden Retriever


Golden retriever is one of the most prevalent canine breeds in the world. It is a sporting breed group with a lifespan of 10-14 years. These dogs require good handling and proper training to make them balanced retrievers.

Retrievers are smartest dog breeds on the planet and they are kind, loyal and confident dogs. Because of the large size of these dogs, they need lot of exercise and therefore it loves to play with children.

Golden Retriever

Great companion to kids and family

What is good about these canine breeds is that they are calm and their temper is well suitable for children and other family members to play with. They are extremely patient. These are perfect choice for active families as well as people who love being outdoors.

Not only they are perfect companion to children, but also they live well with other pets like cats, dogs, and livestock.

Less maintenance required

As golden retriever’s coat is very short and thin, it needs very less grooming, probably once in every 6-8 weeks. These dogs love to play in medium to large backyards that offer enough space for them to run and play. Also these dogs are suitable for people living in apartments.

Interesting features about Golden Retriever

  • They are highly versatile and smart dogs that can adjust well with any situation.
  • Their great intelligence as well as calm nature can make training very easy.
  • Another feature that most dog owners love about them is that their easy interaction with family and outdoor can make them include almost in any kind of activity.

These dogs enjoy activities like swimming and retrieving balls. You can avoid bad behavior of these dogs by giving them long walks.

Even though they have large sized bodies, they do have an approach with children that make for a wonderful canine friend. People who want to get golden retriever should ensure that it has enough room to grow as these dogs can grow as much as 90 pounds.


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