Food Manufacturers and Pet Owners: Impact of FDA Guidelines on Pet Food Labels


As a pet owner, it is very difficult to be a responsible and informed consumer, because the labeling requirements of pet food are totally negligent when compared to the requirements applied to human food. On Sep 26th 2013, FDA released some guidelines and letting the food manufacturers follow these new regulations.

FDA Finally Apply the Color Rules for Pet Food

As a pet owner, we usually hear from others that there are several brands of pet foods that make their pets sick. It is hard to digest the fact that animals fall sick due to various allergic reactions resulting from the food they eat. There are some particular additives in pet food that cause food allergy, but it is hard to recognize which brands and type of foods contain those additives. Also, it is very difficult to diagnose the pet food allergy when you don’t know what your pet is eating.

Color additives are the most important aspect of making the product attractive, appealing, appetizing and informative. According to the FDA, artificial colors that are allowed in pet foods include: blue, green, red and yellow. Among these colors, blue color increases the sensitivity to various common viruses, yellow causes allergic reaction and also increases the risk of cancer in adrenal gland and kidney.

So, FDA warns all the food manufacturers to thoroughly list all the color ingredients used in the pet food. As a pet owner, you should thoroughly scan all the ingredients used in the food, particularly if you have any concern regarding safety.

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