Top 5 Dog Flea Treatments


At one point or another all the pet owners have to deal with the fleas. We are pet lovers, we all know that twinge of panic, which happens when our pet stretches his back and paw up in order to scratch behind his ear. Fleas are bloodsucking and annoying insects. These can attach to your dog when they go outside. Once these insects are inside, they can eat, live and also breed on your dog’s skin, on your furniture and in your home carpets. These bugs may also bite humans and lead to rashes and itching. When you see fleas, find out dog flea treatments as soon as possible.

Dog Flea Treatments

Top 5 Dog Flea Treatments

Here are top 5 dog flea treatments that will help your dog from itch in no time.

1. Lavender Essential Oil:

Wash the dog thoroughly and dry it with towel. Apply few lavender essential oil drops at neck and to the tail base.

2. Rosemary Flea Dip:

Take 2 cups of fresh rosemary and steep it in boiling water for half an hour. Discard the leaves, strain the liquid and add this to the warm water, depending on your dog size you can take the warm water. Wait until that mixture becomes to normal temperature and pour it on your dog until it gets soaked. Don’t dry the dog with towel, allow it to dry naturally. This works very well in hot sunny days.

3. Home Remedy Repellent:

Treat your dog monthly with the homemade repellent. Put a small lemon slice in the pint jug. Add that to boiling water and keep that moisture to soak for overnight. In the next day rub or spray that mixture into the dog’s fur and skin until it get damp, but do not wet it.

Using apple cider vinegar is also a good way for dog flea treatments. Mix one table spoon apple cider vinegar in your pet’s feed. You can also spray this immediately after bathing the dog. Washing the dog with blue dawn soap is also a best way.

4. Brewer’s Yeast:

Add yeast tablets into your dog’s food. This is much like prescribed medicine; this medicine will excreted through the dog’s skin and makes him less prone to get attacked by fleas. Contact your vet for proper dosage information.

5. Feed Properly:

Healthy animals are less prone to beat tacked by fleas. Feed your dog with best quality, and natural diet, which is free of preservatives and additives. Improving their health can dramatically increase their protection from these fleas. Natural nutritional supplements can also be helpful.


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