Pintofeed – An iPhone Controlled Pet Feeder


As a pet owner, everyone loves feeding pets and even they love it too. Once your little companion has finally dragged you out of bed by nuzzling you with his nose or attacking your feet with sharp claws, you both head to the kitchen, which will be sometimes very disgusting. Say goodbye to all those distresses of feeding your pet as now there is totally a new way of feeding your pet i.e. Pintofeed. It is a little iPhone controlled automation, which works whether you are on the go, work late in the office, or on a vacation, simply open up this Pintofeed app in your iPhone and feed your little one with just a tap of the button.

Pintofeed will learn about your pet’s usual feeding times and automatically schedule to dispense food.


Wonderful features of Pintofeed:

  • It immediately sends you notifications in the form of email, text, Twitter or Facebook message.
  • This smart app also helps you to compare your pet’s feeding with the national average.
  • It can manage up to 50 feeds from a single app account, so it is ideal for pet shelters and offices.
  • Multiple users can share the same account by entering email address and account privileges.
  • It offers a 5-10 pound food sourceto better serve your needs.
  • You can set variable food portions. You can set pebble size as small as 1/4thof inch and as large as 7/8th of inch.
  • Food storages in this have particularly designed freshness seals to help keep the food from going stale.
  • You can either manually or autonomously set the portion size with multiple of 1/8th of a cup.


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