The Approach of US Retailers to the BarkBox


Every pet owner wants to make his dog happy all the time, which is possible only with BarkBox. It is a New York based business that offers special gift boxes for dogs of all sizes and canine breeds.

Every month, several thousands of dogs in the US receive regular boxes by post. These boxes include rope toys, lamb-flavored treats, chewable bones, and several other delights. This box usually costs about $30, which is an affordable prize for each dog owner in the US.

The Approach of US Retailers to the Dogs

Even America’s economy is in trouble for past few years, pet market in the US is very lucrative one. According to the studies conducted by American Pet Product Association, pet owners spent about $55bn this year. And among those, dog owners are on the top of the list that spent more for their lovely companion.

Throughout the country more number of dogs hasperhapssix figures spent on them each year. Almost all dog owners treat dog as a family member and it is really fun to play with the dog and can do things together that your canine loves to do.

Most customers of BarkBox love to share the photographs and videos of the dogs on social media, which greatly help to promote their business. The founder of Bark Box said that “we are trying to become a new generation pet brand in US”. Its customers are from various locations such as urban, professionals, and media-savvy, who are insanely passionate and obsessed about their pets. Also, he said that there is nothing makes your dog happy and healthy other than Bark Box.


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