What Are Some of the Good Pet Birds for Teenagers?


Teenagers can be very demanding, aggressive, and angry and feel lonely at times which would trigger off anger. In this situation, may be you would require a pet that would pacify their feelings, remove the stress off them and make them happy. Rather than any other pets, birds make an excellent companion. Before buying a bird analyse and find out what are the good pet birds for teenagers that would make a good friend and companion for them. This will reduce the frustration and agony or solitude that the teenager undergoes during the transition phase.

Choosing some of the good pet birds for teenagers

You can decide to buy canary bird that can be bought as a single bird and loves to sit inside the cage and needs only a clean cage, food and water. It does not need companionship of your son or daughter to play with it and has the life span of about 15 years. Buying a pair of society finches would make your ward’s life happy as they are less noisy and have the ability to fly around in their cage. No special intimate time is required for them as these pet birds will not affect the life of the teenagers.

Budgie parakeets are the best option as good pet birds for teenagers as the cage can snuggle fixed up in your kid’s room and the bird can be tamed to interact. They are the chatter types and love toys more than kids. They can play with your teen kids as they are very playful in nature. They need fresh supply of seeds, food, and water every day and are less messy. Another excellent option would be Bourke’s parakeet that is slightly larger than budgie and can be hand tamed.

good pet birds for teenagers
good pet birds for teenagers | Credit: Khmel

Some species of good pet birds for your teenagers

Peach faced love birds are available in vibrant colours and they are very energetic. They have the ability to learn a few tricks from your kids and are very lively. They are territorial pets and love lots of swings, perches and toys. These birds have a life span of about 20 years. The cockatiel is a great pet to have. The females are more friendly and cuddly and lay lot of eggs while the males are louder and have long tails. This adds up to 13 inches and can be dusty. They let your kids to have some quality time and love perches and toys too. But ensure all the windows and doors are closed or else they might fly away. Their life expectancy is about 30 years.

Spectacled parrotlets are a bit expensive than the other parakeets but have an aggressive attitude and are very brave. A spacious cage with lots of food and water is essential to keep them energetic always. You can also choose Goldies lorikeet, white capped pionus, conures, macaws and lilac crowned Amazon as good pet birds for your teenagers.


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