Ways of Choosing Good Pet Birds for Beginners


Are you planning to have a pet bird and are confused with which variety to choose? You should choose wisely from some of the good pet birds for beginners to make your first attempt in growing up a bird as your pet. There are large varieties of birds; the ones that are noisy and less noisy, big or small, hand tamed and wild ones, single coloured or multi coloured ones and messy and less messy birds. Choose the one that would best suit your lifestyle and your atmosphere at home.

Good Pet Birds for Beginners

It is also necessary that you choose the pet birds in accordance with the degree of laziness in you as it might require you to change the sheets, food dishes and water bowls regularly. It is always suggested that you choose the one that is not very expensive and that requires less maintenance and is not demanding or challenging at all.

Some of the good pet birds for beginners

If you love the singing of birds and love to have one at your home, you can buy a Canary as it is easy to maintain, inexpensive and is a perfect choice as a pet for beginners. They are in bright yellow colour and the males are capable of singing. They don’t crave for your attention as they don’t like handling. They are beautiful and quiet pets that just sing in their cage without disturbing anyone. If you wish to have a lively and energetic bird, then opt to buy the Finch. It twitters all the time and flies in the cage. Do not over crowd the cage with these finches as it might trigger off quarrel.

If you are looking for affectionate pets that are available in abundance then choosing a budgie parakeet would be the perfect decision. They are affectionate birds and are able to do a small talking with their owners and have very beautiful voice. These birds are available in vibrant shades and are very cheap. They are a great choice of every pet owner. Quaker parakeets are good pet birds for beginners and they are vocal pets and in that they love talking and whistling. They are available in green and silver shades. They are banned in several states, so ensure whether it is allowed in your locality to keep them as pets and go ahead to own one.

Slightly bigger varieties of pet birds for beginners

Pionus parrots might be slightly dull as they do not posses bright colours and are not attractive when compared to other parakeets. They are capable of talking but are not loud or annoying. They are great companions to have and are extremely affectionate. Poicephalus parrots are African parrots and are not noisy ones. Pyrrhura conures are available in many shades and are best to be your first pet birds. They are very lovely companions and are playful and can speak a lot of phrases. You can opt for Green or Maroon Conures as they are much quieter than the Sun Conure.

Amazon parrots are slightly bigger and would make good pet birds for beginners. They are also very appealing to look at. These birds love the attention you give them. As a beginner you can choose white fronted, red coloured, lilac crowned and blue fronted ones. Peach faced love birds and cockatiels are also excellent for you as a beginner as they are easy to maintain.


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