Essential Guide on How to Take Care of Budgie Birds


Are you excited that you have got your best budgie bird or planning to buy one but not sure how to take care of budgie birds? Then you will find this article interesting and useful. You get to know everything you have to know about your budgie and take good care of them. This would require knowing some basic things about them such as their place of origin is Australia, and they live a life of the nomads searching for food, they live in flocks, they breed up to eight chicks and these parakeets have the ability to breed when there is abundant food and water.

How to take care of budgie birds with proper diet and shelter

How to Take Care of Budgie Birds

These budgie birds usually live on seeds and loves grasses, oats and other seeds. Grasses can be of Mitchell grasses, canary grasses and spinifex grass varieties. The seeds must be fully ripe and dried well like the ones you get in the pet shops. They are known to eat the charcoal to cure them of some illnesses and love big sources of water that they love to bathe with their flocks. Always make sure their cage is a comfortable and cosy one and place newspapers or paper towels as lining material and take care to change them regularly. Also include perches, safe toys, water dish, and food bowl and set the cage in a quiet and calm place.

Always ensure that you change the food and water daily in a clean dish and make it a point to include lot of vegetables and fruits such as apple pieces, cooked yam pieces, and also carrots. Let your budgie get accustomed to you and your home. Then slowly train him to perch on your hands using your finger. Slowly introduce to pellet type of food and replace it with seed diet for one time a day. Your budgie will slowly get trained to adjust to pellet diet. It might take about a week’s time or two for your budgie parakeet to get used to a pellet diet.

Know the symptoms of sickness in budgie birds

Always make sure your budgie bird gets a lot of company either through you if you are full time at home or buy him some friends to keep him company so that he will not get bored of being locked up each day. It is better to tame them as they make wonderful friends, who will climb up all over you, chew your book, have a look with whatever you do and try to have fun with them. This way these birds will stay friends with you while maintaining their friendship with one another. Also ensure that there are no hazards at you home that would harm your budgies such as a toilet, hot pot of boiling gravy, an open window or a piece of twine.

Another safety measure that you should consider on how to take care of budgie birds to keep your budgie parakeets hale and healthy is to keep a close watch on them and look for signs of any illness or emergency. This will save your budgie from any disease immediately and save him of any dangerous situation. When you are looking for various signs such as hunch looking budgie with puffy feathers unusually than the sleeping time, diarrhoea, and a watery residue on the nose, eyes or beak and a sad look on his face sitting at the bottom of his cage are signs of illnesses and needs to be taken to the vet immediately.


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