How Pets Keep Kids Healthy


Wonder how pets keep kids healthy? Throughout history, humans have shared a close bond with their pets. These animals are often cherished like children rather than treated as mere pets. Pets are closer to children as they both love to play together having more and more fun. Researchers from Finland have confirmed that pets contribute to children’s health. Their research indicates that babies living with dogs or cats tend to be healthier. This is in contrast to babies who are not exposed to pets.

International research has proven that kids with pets develop social skills that instill care, love, and patience in them.

The bonding between the pets and kids

How Pets Keep Kids Healthy

Watching your kids playing with the pets would be a great experience and it would be a fun to admire them. The bonding between them would be an emotional bonding and it stimulates a healthy aspect among the kids both physically and mentally. The kids treat their pets as their cherishing friends and it comforts them with ease of mind. The love between them is unconditional and it lessens the stress in children.

How pets keep kids healthy

A child who grows up with pets is healthier and they are less prone to health issues as compared to children who don’t live with pets in their family. Having pets at home will make everyone to understand the concept of how pets keep kids healthy. The risks of getting respiratory sickness and ear infections can be reduced to a greater extent with the help of having a dog as your kid’s pet.

When the kids are exposed to the pets they have a greater chance of having lesser health risks. The kids with pets during their first year have only 29% possibility of using antibiotics. In the words of Henry Ward Beecher “The dog was created especially for children. He is the God of frolic.” Even the dirt the dog brings back inside the home will help the kids to fight against their immune system as they get the earlier exposure to dirt and microbes.

The kids laugh, giggle, jump, run and smile more when they are with their lovable pets which help them in staying healthier. It reduces their mental stress and the cause of obesity is lessened among the kids. Pets keep kids healthy not only in the modern days but it is a proven truth from the olden days. Properly vaccinated pets by all means keep the kids healthy and increase their immunity which is a universally accepted fact.


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