How to Stop Dogs From Digging


Almost all dogs have the problem of digging. Dog owners often get annoyed by this. The dog owners who love both their dogs and the yards or gardens of their houses want to know how to stop dogs from digging. To know the answer, one should be familiar with the reasons for which dogs do digging. Dogs dig in different situations:

  • When they want to be entertained
  • When they are seeking their prey
  • When they need  protection or comfort
  • When they are trying to escape
  • When they seek attention

Now, how to stop dog from digging depends on the particular reason for which the dog is doing so.

dog digging

When it seeks entertainment

If a dog is left alone for a long time in the yard and if it has no other playing option then it may dig. If the dog sees someone doing something with soil, it may dig. Things to be done in such a situation are as follows:

  • To make it walk or exercise.
  • To make it play until it gets tired.
  • To teach it some commands by making it practice every day.
  • To provide it toys when taken out to yards or gardens.
  • To install fake grass to discourage digging

When the dog is hunting its prey

Very often dogs dig when they hunt for a prey.

  • Pet owners should search the signs of burrowing animals in yard or garden, then remove them, or keeping the dog away from the place.
  • Any product or method harmful to dog or other animal should not be used.

When it wants to be protected or comforted

Dogs tend to dig if they are kept in very hot or cold weather.

  • Precautions should be taken to keep the dog away from extreme heat or cold.
  • Providing a comfortable shelter in all seasons.
  • Providing enough water.

When it seeks attention

  • Giving the dog necessary attention.
  • Praising its good behaviors.
  • Giving it time for all it’s so that it feels happy.

When it tries to escape

  • Keeping the dog in chains.
  • Fencing the yard strongly.


If nothing else works, it is better to build up a digging zone for the dog covering it with sand or loose soil. A child-size sandbox can also be used.

  • The digging zone should be made attractive with toys or other things.
  • Praising and rewarding the dog when it is digging in the digging zone will be helpful to make it a routine for the dog to dig in this area only.
  • If the dog digs in some other area, he must be stopped firmly and taken away from there.


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