Ideas on How to Exercise Your Dog in Winter


The chilly weather outside may not be favourable for you to walk or run with your dog to your favourite park like you used to, but it should not stop you from having your together time. It’s essential to see that your pet stays active throughout winter and gets regular exercise. Some dog breeds with thick coats may not mind the cold or snow and enjoy their time outside. You may take them for a quick walk to warm up. The dogs who don’t like being outside if it’s cold need to be kept active indoors. If you are wondering how to exercise your dog in the winter, well, there are numerous ways. Find more on winter exercises for dogs here.

Playing Fetch

This may be a very simple game for starters, but it ensures that your dog stays active while running around to fetch the ball or toy you throw. Use different objects, so that your dog learns this as a command and brings you stuff. Remember to reward your dog with his favorite treats, when the job is well done.


There are a variety of interactive games and puzzles available for pets these days. You may get them from a pet store or buy them online. These mental games are great for sharpening brain cells. Your pet also learns problem solving skills with the help of puzzles.

Maze run

You can try to create a maze with things that are available in the house for your pet and teach him how to find his way through. This can be really fun to see your dog try and figure out the way.

Obstacle tackle

Stack up few things or place objects, such as stools or tables around the house to create your own obstacle course. This is an excellent way for your pet to stretch his limbs and exercise those muscles.

Hide and seek

Playing hide and seek is a great way of teaching your dog to come on command. Ask your dog to wait, by leaving a treat or have someone to hold him, while you hide. Then, call your pet to come to find you and when he does, find for yourself how happy he feels!

Dog pals  

When you feel like you’re stuck at home on a snowy day, you can invite your friends and their pets to keep you company. Your dog also gets to meet and play with his friends. It may get a little messy to have pets indoors, but its a great way of keeping your dog active and happy.

In winter, when outdoor walks might not be as enjoyable, it’s crucial to keep your dog active and engaged. While some breeds may love the cold, others prefer staying cozy indoors. The good news is, there are plenty of ways to exercise your dog during the winter months. Hope this article helps you and your pet.


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