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As a pet owner, one of the most common things you would look for is information on pet food. In this section of our website we explore the various types of food available for common house pets. From Dry, liquid, canned and fresh, we have every option covered here. We help you decipher the complex nutritional requirements of your pet. There is also information on how to compare labels and read the diet charts. Articles will also keep you informed on topics such as food additives, preservatives, diet guidelines, common food ingredients and contaminants as well. We also keep you abreast the latest happenings in the pet food industry and how to source the best pet food.

10 Eco-friendly Dog and Cat Foods

10 Eco-friendly Dog and Cat Foods That Offer Wonderful Organic Treat to your Pets

Want to know what you feed for your pet? When it comes to dog and cat food, most of the commercial food brands contain...
Dog Food

Famous Dog Food Companies Which Supply Healthy Dog Food!

Particular style still prefers the quality dog food that is made with more natural ingredients. In principle, the main differences between the normal dog and...
Dry food for puppies

Puppy Food Types for the Health of Your Puppy

Puppy food types vary in quality in the market and it is entirely the choice of the owner to choose from the...
Pet Food Bowls

Deciding On the Pet Food Bowls for Your Cats and Dogs

You have successfully bought a pet and brought him home and now the hunt for the food bowl would begin. You should consider looking...
Organic Dog Foods

Top 5 Organic Dog Foods

It is essential to give best food to promote health and longevity of your loving pet dog. Before going to choose dog foods, there...
10 Pet Food Companies

Why to Purchase Only from the Top 10 Pet Food Companies?

The good old days are now over and it has become increasingly difficult to choose pet food which is truly healthy and beneficial. Just...
Benefits of Organic Pet Foods

Benefits of Organic Pet Foods

There are several benefits of giving organic pet foods and those benefits last longer and keep your pet healthy. Foods that are 100% natural...
Safe Pets Food

7 Secrets to Choose a Healthy and Safe Pets Food – Part 1

What you choose canned or dry food? What brand? There are many different brands, all shapes and sizes to choose from owners and pet...
The Rules of Feeding Your Horse

The Rules of Feeding Your Horse

All horses are unique and will have their own feeding rhythms, yet the basic guide lines to be followed remain the same. 1. Plenty of...

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