7 Secrets to Choose a Healthy and Safe Pets Food – Part 2


What you choose canned or dry food? What brand? There are many different brands, all shapes and sizes to choose from owners and pet feed with too little information to make decisions (other than advertising) of the base – which can be very confusing! Well, fasten your seatbelts, do you know about food is based, can be a bumpy ride! There are seven secrets to find – the best kept secrets – Pet food. Sit down, make up and read.

The secret number 4…

I have more suggestions for you to notice in the chemical preservatives hours … Ingredients. A well-kept secret in the industry of animal feed is the common use of chemical preservatives. BHA / BHT are chemical preservatives in pet food and non-fiction has been used for tumors and cancer related. Another common preservative ethoxyquin know the risk of cancer. Ethoxyquin is allowed only for food on a small amount of spices. However, this is a much higher percentage allowed in food for animals.

If you look at the ingredients list, you’re looking for the BHA / BHT and ethoxyquin listed on the web. Often, the BHA / BHT is used to store fat in the diet, which tends to be higher in the list. And one of these chemicals to try to end the list of ingredients. Personally, I would not touch food chemical preservatives. You want natural food that is protected – common natural preservatives, natural mixed tocopherols “and” Vitamin E “.

The secret number 5…Pets Food

The best food for your pet food is well made with human quality ingredients. It should be fairly easy … What’s this? You know that the producers of food for pets are not allowed, a statement about the quality or the quality of ingredients, only to have the level and quality of food, knowing that you’re pet that you call the manufacturer and ask for him.

Well, you say the call raised livestock feed, ABC, and the question “Your dog and cat food to a village high quality premium ingredients” You may get the answer: Yes, we use quality ingredients for humans – while in fact only a few components of the human touch. The trick here is to ask … ask if they have APHIS European certification.

Feed manufacturers and European APHIS certified to ensure that all ingredients in pet food is a human touch. APHIS – Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service – the division of USDA. APHIS European certification of pet food manufacturer, with the possibility of their production / supply ship to Europe. When food is imported from U.S., European countries require that all ingredients are human quality and, therefore, require this certification. Most manufacturers of pet foods that have APHIS European certified shipments to Europe – use it simply as a way to offer our customers the best quality ingredients.

Once again, we will not see on the label – which is not allowed. You need the manufacturer and ask. We often read by representatives of the food did not even know what they’re talking about when asked about the APHIS certification – if it works, we can assume that APHIS European certification. APHIS European certification bonus pet owners – it is not necessary and does not suggest that all feed manufacturers take additional measures to achieve this. This is a special effort of some to leave his home to tell their customers what they really care about the quality of their products. Personally, I would not buy pet foods that do not have to.

And by the way, if you can not get a pet food manufacturer, or do not return your call within a short period of time to lose your number! Any company that has no place priority on responding to customer questions – do not deserve your trust!

The secret number 6…

Minerals are an essential part of human food and nutrition for our pets. Copper, iron and zinc is a common mineral in the pet food. As they are – copper, iron and zinc are mainly rocky, very difficult to use for humans or animals. Science has several ways to introduce minerals in the body (human and animal) for better absorption and utilization of human develops further. This scientific development is called chelator or proteinating and has been for many years. By chelation of minerals or process proteinating 60% better than the mineral is absorbed only.

This mystery is the identification of minerals in foods for pets to see if they are chelated or proteinate. Notice of mineral labeling of animal food in the bottom of the list of ingredients. Are minerals that “copper proteinate” or “Look chelated copper minerals If you read only listed to see the look of your pet in the Halloween Charlie Brown.” I rock. If your pet is to make the most of the minerals chelate or proteinate having the best food!

The secret number 7…

This mystery is “good bacteria” means. Although the “good” bacteria sounds a bit scary, why is in the intestines of animals. Most of your pet’s immune system in the intestine. Maintaining a healthy immune system helps the animals themselves healthy. This bacterium is similar to yogurt, but animal feed is so that the cooking process destroys not imported. As for the fine print on the labels of pet food, this time it is looking for a thermopiles time, scientific terms, such as Lactobacillus acidophilus or bifid bacteria. If you do not see these words, and some are very similar, the food does not have custody of your pets immune system. And yet, if your pet has the best I want “good” bacteria in food.

Seven Secrets your help is very healthy food and absolutely the best pet for your furry friend. Armed with these secrets – they now have the skills to find your pet the best food possible! Feed may prolong life and prevent premature aging and disease. If you do not want problems homework question, I invite you to my monthly report on the Petsumer (TM) to subscribe. Compared Petsumer (TM) I’ve done all the homework for you – I appreciate each month and more than 40 different foods, candy, toys and other supplies for pets. This is the only publication of its “Art gives farmers the information they need to know about your products purchased for pets.

Let me share a few things…..

It is best to feed an adult dog or adult cat twice a day. They eat two meals is better to use once a day. If your pet once a day feeding, the same amount distributed in two meals and feed in the morning and evening.

You should know that all banks or wet the animal is between 70% and 85% humidity. This means that 70% to 85%, food can or bag of food is essential – water. While our pets need water to drink, especially cats usually do not have enough water. But like all canned or moist, usually in water, sufficient food, a strict diet to feed canned or wet. Use canned foods or supplement your pet – not only for food.

The best foods for pets are made of durable natural (secret number 4) – but there are problems with natural foods … Freshness. Note the expiration date on the label of food products from animals – usually with a natural dry pet food (not so much a problem with a soft food cannery – requires very little preservatives) expiration of one year to 18 months was at the time was. We say that an animal of food you are considering buying the first of July 2007, “best if used by” date is the first of January 2008. I would say that this is the old feed bag 6 months. Although there is a “good” fresh food – a bag that is only 2 or 3 months – is better. Of course, canned foods lose their nutritional value over time. Always try to find a bag fresh.

If you are considering, whether it is food for animals, always consult your veterinarian. Always ask your veterinarian about any changes that allow your pet. Get out. And if they are able to make food that is slowly changing. I always recommend ¼ new owners feed pet food too old for 4-7 days, ¾, ½, for 4 to 7 days, and so on and a half. Fast switching products can cause intestinal problems! His short term, but do not want to intestinal diseases!

And the last thing that you are familiar with dogs and cats are much more sense of smell than humans. Your meal may be many smells – good and bad. Sometimes an animal will not eat just because he or she feels it is a precedent in the meal. plastic food container and water retention smells worse. And, surprisingly, a stainless steel container. The best kind of meal and water is ceramic. They retain the smell is less.

“Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions, they pass no criticism.” George Eliot.

I totally agree!


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