Grooming Short Haired Dogs


All dogs need regular grooming, regardless of their length and thickness of coat. Grooming short-haired dogs requires a simpler task compared to long-haired breeds. Regular grooming is essential to keep their skin and coat healthy, reduce shedding, and prevent dandruff. Plus, a well-groomed short-haired dog means a cleaner home.

Keeping your sweet dog clean is very important for your family and home. Dogs that are free of parasites and dust make for the more friendly experience and would protect your home from the outside creatures, which may invade the pet. It is very is to groom your short haired dog if you know the process. If you have all equipments, you can groom you dog like the professional.

Grooming techniques for shorthaired dogs include:

shorthaired dogs

  • Place the dog on the top of a sturdy table and start from ears, check out for any bad smelling odors. Because this could be the sign of ear mites or an infection. If you found either, they may need medication from vet.
  • With the ear wash and cotton, clean up the outer part of the ear. Then, clean the very upper portion of inner ear, at intervals change to the clean cotton balls as you cleaning. Be careful that not to pierce the ear very deep or you may physically hurt the ear drum.
  • Comb the dog starting from the head. This is the right time to check for the ticks, fleas or other types of parasites that are living in skin and fur. If you suspect any of these, you should use a shampoo specifically made to kill the parasites and these crawlers. And also check foe flaking or dry skin, in such cases you need to use the medicated shampoo.
  • Comb with your brush and the brush should be soft bristled, or you can also use rubber mitt kind, which works to brush your short haired dog. Keenly observe the dog’s tail and feet. Usually things get caught in the fur of these areas in their outside time.
  • Always it is better to wash your dg after brushing, through this debris and dead hair can be removed at all. Be sure to wash off all shampoo from the dog’s fur. Afterwards the leftover shampoo particles reside may lead to irritation to skin. Remove the excess water by using an absorbent cloth.
  • Finally, after the dog is shiny and sleek from bath you can go on to the finishing touch. Keep your dog’s nails a necessary portion of the entire grooming regiment. Pay close attention, while cutting them, be sure that not to cut very closely. Be ready with the styptic powder in case of emergency. After completion of trimming, using a little of doggie cologne you can spray the dog. He will smell and look great. As he just came from groomer to the home.


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