Which Will Make Your Dog Happy – Essential Dog Care Guidelines


The choice of the animal means that you accept responsibility for this animal. If you have several dogs as pets for many years or, if you have a new dog, you have the basics of care for dogs that are learning are often overlooked by many, but are very important to your dog’s life long and healthy. In this article, let’s discuss essential dog care guidelines.

New perspectives of health for dogs:

  • Dog CareDog Food: Many dog owners believe that the feed that hunger is satisfied enough dog. But the truth is that in addition to ensuring adequate nutrition is necessary to provide meals with high nutritional value.
  • Enter nutritious foods will make your dog bones and weaknesses and avoid common problems.
  • Many owners put food coloring, their dogs and think that the dog will be attracted by food. But as artificial flowers, which will ruin the health of your dog. Use these colors can cause allergies and infections.
  • Raw meat is not enough to achieve the nutritional value of your dog. Unlike meat, dogs need special foods (dry), which correspond to the nutritional value of your dog, regardless of age and activity.

Essential Dog Care Guidelines

Preparation: Brush includes clothing, nails cut, wash your dog, control of parasites in the skin and teeth brushing.

Brush the skin: some types of dogs do not have to clean the wool grown on the skin and at least fur balls are formed. However, some species, such as poodles need brushing and cutting hair as they grow long hair. If you are going to have a cup of skin, you should consult with an expert in style.

Cutting the Nails: Clippers are used to cut the nails without harming the dog. Nails should be cut every six months, if your dog can not hurt themselves or someone else. Note: there is always a powder of blood clotting to be with you to curl up the blood when the accident occurs when the removal of the nails of the dog.

Bathing your dog: If your dog is part poodle species prefer the dog once a week, and if your dog does not wash much further, it is preferable to bathe twice a month. Baden too often, the natural oils of your dog’s skin to evaporate and make the skin dry.

Parasites: the dogs are always fun. Are catching dust particles and some infections. During maintenance, you can check for parasites. You can define the rash or the party that is attacked by parasites of red leather. Drugs such as powder or gel-based ointments to heal Dass

Brushing the teeth: The main idea is to clean your dog’s teeth to keep teeth and gums strong, to keep the ages of his life. Only a toothbrush and toothpaste, has been prepared separately for the dogs. Note: brushing teeth with toothpaste man is dangerous for the dog.

Regular checkups are very important in the care of dogs

A blood test will tell you, the imbalance of hormones or the presence of a dog of all external parasites that can affect the health of dogs. The recognition of these symptoms to reduce the risk of vulnerable groups to dangerous diseases.

Dental exams are not radical changes in the dog is very young, but when the dog gets older, can develop many of the dogs teeth and gums. Sun minimization of regular dental checkups are the risk of dental caries problems.

Preferred place of parasites in the skin of your dog’s ear. They accumulate in the ear and hearing. After the parasites enter the dog’s ears, which are themselves deaf dog. Thus regular review of the ear to prevent it. Note: The institutions within the ear must always be a pale pink. If color changes, then there is something wrong with your dog’s ear.

Vaccines: Some of the vaccines at the age of 7 weeks and lasts up to 5 years. This means that vaccination plays an important role in the health of dogs. Ask your veterinarian regularly to get an idea of vaccination. You have to be vaccinated to protect against highly contagious diseases.

Note: Keep small card verification and completed the immunization. It will be very useful to have an idea of vaccination.

It is necessary and important guidelines for the care of a dog certainly help to a healthy dog.


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